The Morning Drive Episode 8 – Goal Planning 2019

February 18, 2019

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good morning everybody. Chris Seveney here on my morning drive today. I wanted to talk about a topic that came up yesterday on a podcast, a good deeds note investing, podcasts that Gil Greenburg and I do and topic of discussion was business planning in 2019 for note investing and how do you go about planning for the future and I have several spreadsheets. One is a one page business plan from a former company I used to work with along kind of comes off of the book from traction. If you’re familiar with that book by Gino Wickman to excellent book, I highly recommend it for everybody.

note investing

A few other things I’ve created for just the regular forecast sheet to forecast revenues for notes over the next, you know, next few years to kind of get an idea for you at as well as just the regular g and a or general general administrative expense budget to understand what your costs are because as you start to ramp up your business, you have a lot of expenses, a lost opportunity, costs some miscellaneous legal fees, marketing costs, due diligence, costs of software use, and a lot of those can get expensive pretty quickly per month.


So just making sure that you budget for those and determine, you know, how you’re going to implement a recovering those costs. So just wanted to share that with you and if anyone’s interested in some of these templates, I’d be happy to share it with all of you. Um, I’ll be posting them online very shortly. I wanted to just get the word out there and the podcast for that episode should be launching towards the end of the next week. I highly recommend you guys listened to it because it’s got a lot of good, invaluable information in it. So thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.

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