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Honesty, Integrity, & Professionalism are the heart of 7e Investments.

7e Investments is a Virginia-based private real estate investment firm. We have built a team of professionals across all major markets, allowing our clients to invest from anywhere across the U.S. 

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Lauren Wells

Lauren Wells

Lauren Wells, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, is at the forefront of driving strategic initiatives, market research evaluation, and business development. At 7e Investments, Lauren has led the Investor Relations team in cultivating relationships with more than 600 investors, emphasizing transparency, integrity, and an in-depth understanding of the industry.  With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in business development, sales, and project management, Lauren’s contributions to the company are marked by her exceptional expertise. Prior to 7e Investments, she served as a senior consultant with leading SAAS startups, including Procore and LinkedIn, where her responsibilities included crafting comprehensive forecasts, evaluating target markets, recognizing acquisition opportunities, and establishing new revenue streams.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Lauren has also been an avid real-estate investor since 2010. Her expertise extends to the management and growth of a diverse portfolio comprising over 100 assets, including both residential real estate and mortgage notes. Lauren’s multifaceted experience and strategic understanding of the market make her an integral part of the company’s continued success, positioning her as a driving force behind 7e’s dynamic business strategies.


Founder & CEO

Chris Seveney

Chris Seveney Founder

Christopher Seveney, CEO & Co-founder of 7e Investments, brings more than 25 years of invaluable real estate experience to the table. His journey with 7e Investments began in 2016 when he ventured into the dynamic world of acquiring and trading mortgage notes. Over the years, Chris has accumulated a portfolio of over 500 notes, with an impressive unpaid balance exceeding $25 million, spanning across a diverse landscape of states. Before delving into the realm of mortgage notes, Chris carved out a remarkable career marked by achievements such as nurturing a multimillion-dollar asset portfolio and managing the construction and rehabilitation of properties worth over $150 million. Over his illustrious 25-year professional journey, Chris managed an impressive $750 million in new construction projects.

At the core of 7e Investments, Chris Seveney stands as a beacon of real estate excellence, known for his unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, and professionalism. His passion and tenacity have distinguished him as a trusted industry leader, earning the trust and respect of partners and colleagues alike. From the beginning of his real estate career, Chris has been driven by his aspiration to set industry standards for excellence and foster innovation. His visionary leadership has steered multiple award-winning teams, celebrated for their exceptional contributions to the field.


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Lauren Wells

Delaney Huthsing

Director of Operations

Lauren Wells

Katie Klezek

Director of Investor Relations

Mollie Boyce

Mollie Boyce

Director of Capital Markets

Lauren Wells

Julie Bower

Director of Accounting

Patrick Laning

Patrick Laning

Associate Vice President of Capital Markets

Lauren Wells

Toni Shackelford

Investor Relations Associate

Lauren Wells

Larisa Waters

Asset Manager

Lauren Wells

Katrina Drake

Marketing Coordinator

Lauren Wells

Jeffrey LaRoche

Board Member

Lauren Wells

Alan Belniak

Board Member



“I always look forward to reading the “Deal of the Week.” I like knowing what kind of decisions are being made and the returns on the investment. I especially like hearing the stories of people who are in the properties and how their lives are better because CWS has worked with them to get back on track with their mortgage. I thought I would share a story for your team. A story behind the investor. I hope it encourages all of you to continue doing what you do so well and also realize some of the value you are providing to others.

I had started trying to learn what I could about retirement planning. Our strategy had been scrimp and save for retirement. Beyond that, I don’t think we had one. I did not know how much we needed or how the income and distributions from retirement were going to work. I learned we needed passive income and started looking for sources. I wanted low risk to capital and income from that capital that could continue through retirement. I made an investment in another company. With them, the capital grew and 5.25% dividends was good at that time. Then, real estate values started declining. Our capital value began declining.

I kept seeing your ads on Facebook. I started researching Chris and the company. I listened to some podcasts. I read reviews of people who had worked with Chris over the years and was impressed by their comments regarding his financial conservatism and integrity. I searched everything I could for information. Finally, I took the leap and made an investment and got to know you better.

Now, after 2 additional larger investments, I am retiring. The dividends I receive from CWS each month replace my paycheck and pay for my health insurance. I am so glad that a year ago I started my relationship with 7e and am able to retire now. I now feel a peace about our financial future which is a great blessing.”

Lauren J.

“I’ve invested with Chris on two of his note funds so far. He has been very informative and transparent throughout the process. Chris is also a wonderful mentor and I have learned so much from him. I look forward to many more years of investing with him and learning from him!”

David G.

“I have been thoroughly impressed with Seveney Investments. From the initial fund offering through the application process and management of the fund I’ve witnessed first class customer service, transparency and excellent communication; not to mention returns.  Chris and his team obviously know what they’re doing even in a peculiar time of note investing.  I’m already looking forward to the next fund offered by Seveney Investments.”

Ron L.

“I have invested with Chris on more than one occasion, and have purchased assets from Chris as well. In all cases, Chris has consistently been honest, upfront, and easy to do business with. My investments with Chris have been easy for me (no drama), and I have been pleased with the returns. I currently invest with Chris and plan to do so in the future.”

David C.

“Chris is highly valued and known in the note investing community for his expertise in this niche investing arena.  One of the things I appreciate most with Chris is that he is forthcoming with advice and always willing to communicate.  Chris values my success as an investor and strives to achieve solid returns.  I will continue to invest with him in future endeavors and I value his trustworthiness. I am a satisfied investor and enthusiastically endorse Chris of 7E Investments.”


Our Promise

Transparency & Communication

7e Investments clients receive access to a personalized loan portal, ability to schedule 1:1 calls and quarterly investor webinars.

Tenacity & Integrity

We earn investors’ trust by going above and beyond expectations to find the appropriate custom solution for our clients’ investing goals.

Technology & Processes

We invest in technology and processes that take care of our back-office operations so we can spend our time focused on managing the assets.

Thought Leadership & Education

A leader in the MNI educational space, our management services, Facebook group, Good Deeds podcast, and free resources cultivate community and increase investor knowledge across the board.


We are passionate about community and socially responsive investing intent on assisting distressed borrowers.

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7e Investments holds itself to the highest standards of integrity. We practice radical transparency by communicating frequently with our equity investors and providing open book reporting.

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