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Seveney Mortgage Note Investments is a Virginia-based private real estate investment firm. We have built a team of professionals across all major markets, allowing our clients to invest from anywhere across the U.S. 

Founder & President

Chris Seveney

Chris Seveney Founder

Seveney Mortgage Note Investments is led by Chris Seveney. A real estate professional of over 20 years, Chris has developed over $750M in real estate and is known for honesty, integrity, professionalism, passion, and tenacity in all his dealings.

Since entering the real estate business, he has strived to be an industry leader with whom his partners and colleagues can put their trust and faith in. He has been the leader of multiple teams that have won numerous industry awards in excellence and innovation.

As the son of a life-long educator, Chris now shares his knowledge of first position performing and non-performing notes to his peers. Chris has an intimate understanding of this niche industry from his continued effort for self-improvement. Chris received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is completing a Masters in Real Estate Finance from Georgetown University. Through this education and experience, Chris has been able to build his Note Investing portfolio to over 250+ deals valued at over $12M.

Along with investing in first position performing and non-performing mortgage notes, Chris enjoys his full-time job as a Director of Construction for a Washington DC-based development firm who is an industry leader in sustainable design and construction. In his free-time, Chris enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid Boston sports fan having spent much of his life living in Massachusetts.

Chris hosts the podcast Good Deeds Note Investing and is a top-ranked contributor on the site Bigger Pockets.



Our Promise

Transparency & Communication

Seveney clients receive access to a personalized loan portal, ability to schedule 1:1 calls and quarterly investor webinars.

Tenacity & Integrity

We earn investors’ trust by going above and beyond expectations to find the appropriate custom solution for our clients’ investing goals.

Technology & Processes

We invest in technology and processes that take care of our back-office operations so we can spend our time focused on managing the assets.

Thought Leadership & Education

A leader in the MNI educational space, our management services, Facebook group, Good Deeds podcast, and free resources cultivates community and increases investor knowledge across the board.


We are passionate about community and socially responsive investing intent on assisting distressed borrowers.

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Seveney Investments holds itself to the highest standards of integrity. We practice radical transparency by communicating frequently with our equity investors and providing open book reporting.

Our Track Record

Deals Managed

MILLION $ Deal Valuation

States Across the u.s.



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