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Seveney Mortgage Note Investments is a Virginia-based private real estate investment firm. We have built a team of professionals across all major markets, allowing our clients to invest from anywhere across the U.S. 

Founder & President

Chris Seveney

Chris Seveney Founder

7E Mortgage Note Investments is led by Chris Seveney. A real estate professional of over 25 years, Chris is known for honesty, integrity, professionalism, passion, and tenacity in all his dealings.

Prior to investing in mortgage notes, Chris built a multimillion-dollar portfolio of assets through new construction and rehabilitation of existing properties in his own portfolio along with having managed over $1B in new construction in his professional career. Chris has been actively buying and selling mortgage notes since 2016. During this time, he has acquired over 500 notes with UPBs in excess of $25 million in over forty states. Since entering the real estate business, he has strived to be an industry leader with whom his partners and colleagues can put their trust and faith in. Chris has an intimate understanding of this niche industry from his continued effort for self-improvement.

Chris received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and his Masters in Real Estate Finance from Georgetown University. In his free-time, Chris enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid Boston sports fan having spent much of his life living in Massachusetts.

Chris hosts the podcast Creating Wealth Simplified and is a top-ranked contributor on the site Bigger Pockets


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Lauren Wells

Lauren Wells

Vice President, Investor Relations & Strategy

Lauren joined the company in 2021 in a senior level position working side by side with the CEO Chris Seveney on fund management and business strategy. Lauren leads the strategic evaluation of market research and implements, leads, and supports the business strategies.

She brings over 10 years of business development, sales and project management experience to the company. Prior to joining 7E, she worked as a senior account executive with SAAS startups including Procore and LinkedIn. This included developing forecasts, defining target markets, identifying acquisition opportunities, and establishing new sources of revenue. Ms. Wells has also been a real estate investor since 2010. During this time she has helped grow and manage a portfolio of over 100 assets which include both residential real estate and mortgage notes.

Outside of work, you can usually find Lauren spending time with her husband and two boys, taking advantage of the many beaches and hiking trails Santa Barbara has to offer or planning their next backpacking adventure.

Lauren Wells

Katie Klezek

Director of Investor Relations

Katie brings over seven years of multifamily real estate investment and property management experience to 7E Investments. She served in various operations roles for NALS Apartment Homes, a fully-integrated investment firm engaged in the acquisition, ownership, management, and rehabilitation of multifamily apartment communities.

Wearing many hats during her time with NALS, her responsibilities included: managing contracts with key operations vendors, assisting with multiple capital raises of large acquisitions, executing on-site projects, and facilitating internal management webinars. Katie is passionate about efficient, kind and professional communication.

In her free time, she loves all things Santa Barbara – hiking, beaches, wine tasting and spending time with her family and friends.

Lauren Wells

Chi Nguyen

Director of Asset Management

Chi leads a vertical in asset management from acquisitions to disposition and brings over a decade of experience in real estate and management.

Prior to joining 7E Investments as Director of Asset Management, Chi led a successful entrepreneurial career in note investing, new construction and long-term rentals. Chi is a high achiever in critical thinking & effective communication and is known for her diligence and attention to detail.

Having a special place in her heart for the nonprofit world, Chi believes in always having a part of her life dedicated to giving back to leave the world a better place than she found it. During her free time outside of work & giving back, Chi can be found backpacking abroad, camping, surfing, practicing yoga and spending time with her loved ones in San Diego.

Lauren Wells

Delaney Huthsing

Director of Operations

Delaney focuses on asset acquisition and management strategy while also leading portfolio progress analysis and championing the company’s operational initiatives.

Delaney led a successful career in operations and continuous improvement in her 10 years working in corporate and non-profit environments. Before joining 7E Investments, she worked as a senior operations leader at Target and Direct Relief, developing and leading teams, improving operational efficiencies, and implementing systems and processes at scale. She is an accomplished problem solver, leader, and communicator, skilled in building teams and developing trusted relationships across functions to drive continuous improvement, cohesion, and effective operations.

Outside of the office, Delaney is likely to be with her family outdoors, chasing her son around the Santa Barbara beaches, hiking in the hills, or off camping somewhere.

Lauren Wells

Jeffrey LaRoche

Board Member

Dr. Jeffrey LaRoche is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and received his Doctorate from the University of Florida. Since receiving his PhD, he has been working within the technology and defense industry including service-based startup companies where he has authored 38 key publications and has 31 total patents in compound semiconductor device integration and physics for high-frequency applications such as radar, directed energy, and 5G/6G communication.

Most recently Dr. Laroche has been working as a program capture manager and program manager for Raytheon Missiles and Defense (RMD) Advanced Technology Programs (ATP) group with a primary focus on developing new technologies in the semiconductor space for government agencies such as the Defense Advaned Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

Dr. Laroche brings his experience of strategic planning, risk analysis, management and acquisition strategies to the Board of CWS Investments.

Lauren Wells

Alan Belniak

Board Member

Alan Belniak is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and received his MBA from Babson School of Business in Entrepreneurship.

Alan’s 25+ year career has been assisting growth oriented companies scale through process-driven and analytics to achieve better results. He has championed the use of  marketing and social media to connect existing service-based businesses with their communities of people in ways they have not done before.

Alan brings an animated and passionate personality with an expertise in social media, content marketing, and online community activity to help create, enhance, and truly connect a business with its investors.

Lauren J.

“I’ve invested with Chris on two of his note funds so far. He has been very informative and transparent throughout the process. Chris is also a wonderful mentor and I have learned so much from him. I look forward to many more years of investing with him and learning from him!”

David G.

“I have been thoroughly impressed with Seveney Investments. From the initial fund offering through the application process and management of the fund I’ve witnessed first class customer service, transparency and excellent communication; not to mention returns.  Chris and his team obviously know what they’re doing even in a peculiar time of note investing.  I’m already looking forward to the next fund offered by Seveney Investments.”

Ron L.

“I have invested with Chris on more than one occasion, and have purchased assets from Chris as well. In all cases, Chris has consistently been honest, upfront, and easy to do business with. My investments with Chris have been easy for me (no drama), and I have been pleased with the returns. I currently invest with Chris and plan to do so in the future.”

David C.

“Chris is highly valued and known in the note investing community for his expertise in this niche investing arena.  One of the things I appreciate most with Chris is that he is forthcoming with advice and always willing to communicate.  Chris values my success as an investor and strives to achieve solid returns.  I will continue to invest with him in future endeavors and I value his trustworthiness. I am a satisfied investor and enthusiastically endorse Chris of 7E Investments.”


Our Promise

Transparency & Communication

Seveney clients receive access to a personalized loan portal, ability to schedule 1:1 calls and quarterly investor webinars.

Tenacity & Integrity

We earn investors’ trust by going above and beyond expectations to find the appropriate custom solution for our clients’ investing goals.

Technology & Processes

We invest in technology and processes that take care of our back-office operations so we can spend our time focused on managing the assets.

Thought Leadership & Education

A leader in the MNI educational space, our management services, Facebook group, Good Deeds podcast, and free resources cultivate community and increase investor knowledge across the board.


We are passionate about community and socially responsive investing intent on assisting distressed borrowers.

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Seveney Investments holds itself to the highest standards of integrity. We practice radical transparency by communicating frequently with our equity investors and providing open book reporting.

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MILLION $ Deal Valuation

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