Chris Seveney interview with Mel Jacob – Note Investor of the Year

February 17, 2019

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Note Investor of The Year

Note Investing

Text for SEO note investing. Speaker 1: Hi, my name is Melanie Jacob with Phillip Jacobson Associates and I’m here with Chris Seveney from 7E investments. Um, morning. Good morning. Uh, we just finished up two amazing days at the we close notes mastermind at Dallas, Texas and uh, Chris was honored with note investor of the year. I mean, this is incredible. It was unbelievable. Congratulations. We’re so proud of you. So we want to learn from what you did over the last couple of years and specifically this last year, um, tell us a little bit about your experience and what were your, what did you learn . Note Investing

Speaker 2: Yep. So for those out there two years ago, I didn’t even have a note under my belt and then started buying just under two years ago, a year ago, I had a handful and now I’m got a nice portfolio of notes under my belt and really the biggest challenges during that time or trying to learn and educate and through Scott Carson, his training is no camps and his mastermind, it’s been extremely beneficial for everybody.

note investing

Note Investing

When you look at the training that gets provided and then you put 50 plus people in a room together and you got 50 minds basically all interacting and giving, sharing ideas, lessons learned. It’s very, I mean it was just so key and learning from everybody. That’s part of the group that we’re a part of and just having people give you the energy to continue to push. We all hit road roadblocks and bumps in our careers, but you have that support staff have people there to pick you up and continue to have you to drive. So that’s been key and it’s been very important.

Speaker 1: Wow. Wow. I’m Chris. I mean we all look up to you now so be ready for those phone calls and that’s fine. You mentioned you were really coachable and I think I understand that as an athlete, previous athlete, so you know, being coachable, like can you give like a tip about like when you hit that roadblock, which maybe goes through someone’s mind and then what advice would you give to a new note investor or someone who is interested, you know Yup. Yup.

Speaker 2: So one of the things about being coachable is no taking criticism and being able to accept it and nobody is good at it. I mean, let’s be honest, nobody likes it, nobody is good at it, but sometimes you just have to step back and think and realize this person is there to help him and we all have different strengths. We all have different weaknesses and a lot of times where we fail is on some of those weaknesses because we all love doing what we’re good at and we all hate doing things we’re not good at.

Note Investing

Uh, so for example, Scott is excellent at marketing. I’m not the greatest at marketing and you know, I’ve learned and continue to learn from him and he coaches me and he gives me ideas and he also gives me criticism that sometimes I may not like, but it’s the correct information, right So you really just got to have an open mind and there’s going be times when you stumble and sometimes you may take things personally because we all do, but you just gotta remember it’s all there to help. I met many of us have kids and we just, we discipline our kids. Sometimes you feel guilty doing it and stuff, but you’re doing it because it’s best for them and that’s kind of how I feel the family we have here.

Speaker 1: Yeah, we do have a big family here. We have over 60 a note investors that attended the wcn mastermind and then now I think there’s four or 500 at the quest Ira this weekend, so thank you Chris. I appreciate it. And uh, look forward to another great year. Congratulations again Chris Savini, a four note investor of the year. Thanks.

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