An alternative way to invest in real estate through mortgage note investing.

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Seveney is a mortgage note investment firm managing a portfolio of over 200 performing and non-performing assets valued at over $5M. We specialize in providing custom active and passive investment options for investors.


We work with accredited, non-accredited, and self-directed IRA investors, and up-and-coming noteholders and investors.

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Seveney operates several investment models and creates enduring value by helping investors prosper with custom investment solutions.

Note Funds

Diversify and grow your portfolio for the long haul through our mortgage investment fund backed by secured real estate.


A customized investment that targets providing investors with monthly payments of interest along with a return on principle.


Keep your portfolio active but leave the day-to-day management and oversight to us. 


Learn while you earn. Tap into two decades of real estate expertise to help you manage your assets and increase your earning potential.

Charge Forward

What is mortgage note investing?

Mortgage note investing is a wealth generating investment strategy whereby you are the lender and not the property owner.

Seveney Investments purchases defaulted mortgage notes from banks and works with borrowers on a repayment strategy to provide consistent, long-term returns to investors. Seveney uses a proprietary assessment strategy and is highly selective about the notes it acquires.

By acting as the bank, rather than the owner you can enjoy more time, travel, and tee-ing off, instead of tenants, toilets, and termites.


  • Above Average Returns
  • Real Estate Backed
  • Low Volatility
  • Low Cost Of Entry
  • Greater Liquidity
  • Multiple Exit Strategies


Social Impact

The mortgage note business model is unique in that we’re able to help people without sacrificing investor returns. We create a positive impact in our communities by working with borrowers of distressed debt by attempting to modify their loans so they can stay in their homes, reduce their emotional stress, avoid foreclosures, and prevent vacant and abandoned properties.


Assisting homeowners pays dividends to our investors.

Reputation: David Chance, Victory Notes

"I met Chris Seveney of 7E Investments several years ago and since then have partnered or invested with him on several different ventures.  He is known throughout the note investing community as being extremely knowledgeable and forthcoming with solid advice.  I am currently in several investments with him and will continue to partner with him in future endeavors.  I highly value Chris's mentorship and willingness to share his extensive experience.  He has my full recommendation.."  

Reputation: cheryl

“I was relatively new to note investing and hesitant to jump right in on my own. Chris made note investing easy. Best of all he is always quick to share his knowledge and his resources... [Chris is] a great team player and valuable mentor.”


Reputation: IAN

“Chris and 7E Investments is very knowledgeable in the note space. He has the experience to be successful and I have always felt my investments are safe. He is looking out for your best interest. Chris always has the time to explain and teach as well, which is a priceless attribute!”

Reputation: Greg

“We definitely made the right call to partner with Chris Seveney at 7E Investments for our first deals. Chris maintained excellent communication and made himself available to answer any questions we had regarding the process.”

Reputation: Tony

"Chris has shown integrity that I have not seen in many people. As a new investor, we did a deal together that worked out very well for us. When I was comfortable acquiring my own assets, I purchased one from Chris which turned out to have issues that did not show up on any reports but was brought to our attention when we tried to record the documents. Chris offered to buy back for full-price and cover any costs. He sent back my entire purchase price. I have also purchased 3 partials from Chris. I was about to purchase 2 more partials when COVID hit. I backed out at the last minute and Chris took no exception and was very understanding. I highly recommend working with Chris. He is a stand-up person and a great mentor."

Reputation: Eric
"Chris has been excellent to work with. He practices what he preaches and is always responsive in answering your questions and will take the time to inform you on your investments. He is open, honest and looks out for your best interests"
Reputation: Jack

"There are a lot of people in the Note Investing space that you could partner with but few are as open, honest, and knowledgeable as Chris Seveney at 7E Investments. I've done quite a few deals with Chris and am continually impressed with his professionalism and level of communication during the various stages of the deals. I highly recommend any new note investor to work with him so that you can learn from him, experience great returns, and see how to model your business."  


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