The Morning Drive Episode 9 – Take Advantage Of Time

February 19, 2019

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The Morning Drive


Hey, good morning everybody. Chris Seveney here with 7e investments https://7einvestments.com and https://www.gooddeedsnoteinvesting.com on your morning drive today where I discuss Note Investing. I wanna talk briefly about time management and how I allocate a lot of my time management. Sorry, little cold today, but uh, how I allocate my time management to try and keep things going with your side hustle or whether you’re working full time or you know, if you’re in notes full time.


But for me, perfect example is doing these videos and just sharing some of my thoughts are things I’ve got going on now. I’m sitting in the car right now. I’ve got my phone propped on a little stand here looking at me and typically in the morning I’ll listen to some podcasts or things that enhance my business. Also gives me an opportunity to get the word out on things I’m doing. I’m otherwise. What else could I be doing Maybe listen to radio sports talk radio was a lot it can be doing, but it’s taking those little things to record.

Good Deeds Note Investing


This video takes two to three minutes a day, so it’s not anything extremely difficult. I recorded on the youtube app so I can hit a button and it automatically uploads to youtube and then I can share it to any social media site. So it’s really just taking little opportunities like this during your day, whether you do it at lunchtime, where you’re going for a walk. I know cody Cox as Friday strolls discussing Note Investing.

Uh, so it just really taking time out of your day. We’re using time that has kind of just a filler time to take advantage of it and just a recommendation I have for everyone. Uh, and I recommend also that I wasn’t a big video guy. Now I just start doing videos to get the word out and I see a few people. I believe victor on a part wcn crew just submitted how long it takes to do your first video. Good job starting note investing.

And yes, it does take a little bit of, a lot of editing, but after you get that first one done, it kind of just roll with it and you’re not too overly concerned because we’re all human beings. We’re all people. We all make mistakes. We’re all going to flutter sometimes or start speaking babble or gibberish, but that’s part of life and people enjoy hearing that sometimes because it just shows we’re all human world real, so just wanted to say thank you all for listening and watching this and reminder to head on over to itunes and started listening to Gail Greenburg and I at the good deeds note investing podcast. And again, thanks and enjoy the rest of your day.

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