The Morning Drive Episode 4 – Communication Around The Holidays

December 30, 2018

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Communication is Key in Note Investing

Good Morning Chris Seveney of 7E Investments and the Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast here. Hope everyone is doing well. It’s Tuesday, December 4th. Little tired today was up past midnight last night and last two nights taking care of some stuff in the note business, but you got to do what you gotta do to stay on top and stay ahead. Um, and now I am on my way to work a little after seven sitting in wonderful DC traffic, which sucks. But it does allow me to do this as I’m literally not moving or I’m moving under 10 miles an hour.

If I look at the calendar today, I wanted to talk about wrapping up the year and setting expectations, but in a different fashion. We all have a lot going on and one reminder in note investing is to reach out to your partners, whether it’s your attorneys, your service, realtors. Whoever it is,ask them what days they taken off the rest of the year.

This will set your expectation as well as let them know if you’re going to be off because there could be something where you need them or they may need you. Murphy’s law you’re going to have a last second task and then panic and realize oh shiznit, this person’s not around. Plan ahead so it does not have to wait until next year when you were trying to get a close out this year.

So what I’m going to do today is reach out to a lot of my partners that I use and just say, hey, as we approach the holidays or other days, what days are you not going to be around? Just let me know so I can make sure if there’s something I need to get to you, I’ll get it before then or after then or it’s not a big deal. This is all about setting the expectation and not getting caught with your pants down when you need either a document signed or an attorney to send something and they’re not around to do it.

So thank you for watching this video and enjoy the rest of your day. Hopefully I can get to work in under an hour today in. Definitely hit the a keurig first thing this morning. So thanks for watching and have a good day.

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