The Morning Drive Episode 5 – Blood is in the Water, Will You Be The Shark

December 31, 2018

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Stock Market vs. Note Investing

Good morning everybody, Chris Seveney of 7E Investments & The Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast here with my morning drive. Actually a nice commute today with the federal government closed today to honor the George Bush. I am not here to talk politics.

Lets Talk a little bit about note investing and one of the things I want to mention is I’m not a big fan of watching the news. But when certain events happen, it’s pretty evident and one thing that I’m sure we’re all aware of is the stock market which had another big big loss yesterday. I think it was over 800 points. So what does that mean for note investors? Well, I was just talking to people at work and family and everyone’s already starting to panic about having their money in the stocks and the stock market?

Sharks Chumming Waters

This to me for note investing is the water’s being chummed and we are sharks in the sense of now is the time where you should really ramp up your marketing to people with self directed IRA’s or other investors and let them know what note investing is. Note investing can be that alternative investment choice. Why? it has no correlation to the stock market and, and how note investing could possibly benefit them even with small dollar amounts if you have performing notes that you could sell on a partial.

I don’t want to call it a safe haven by any means because it is an investment, but it is another avenue or another area where if you explained to people what it is they’re investing in, you could definitely try and lure some of those investors from the stock market because right now people are panicking and I believe over the next month or two as a certain things happen.

Will it get better?

Being in Washington DC area, what we have going on both sides of the political spectrum is not changing. I don’t envision it to get any better honestly. And I think the stock market is still going to start the slide. I think we’re going to start seeing some softening in the economy. I don’t know if you’ve checked bond rates, but some articles about a three year bond is providing better returns in the five year bond, which is another warning sign for things to come. So, right now I think while the time is right, it would be a very good time to start reaching back out and ramp up your efforts and marketing individuals because other markets that people are more aware of and primarily investing in are a lot more volatile.

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So hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up. Send me an email if I’m in facebook, twitter, instagram, or any social media sites. Thank you and hope you enjoyed.

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