7E Investments Offers Alternative Real Estate Investment Strategies for Investors

April 14, 2022




Personalized solutions backed by real estate assets.

ANNANDALE, Va. ─ Virginia-based leading mortgage note investment firm, 7E Investments, offers a combination of note investing solutions as an alternative to real estate investments.

“Note investing is a lesser-known investment strategy, especially among new investors. It provides a unique opportunity to become part of the real estate industry as a lender instead of a landlord and thereby avoid the high costs and time commitments of home ownership,” explained Founder of 7E Investments Christopher Seveney.

Mortgage notes are promissory notes secured by real estate collateral to safeguard investor interests. 7E Investments applies an in-depth assessment methodology to identify and purchase high potential performing and non-performing mortgage notes from banks. Performing notes involve debt in which borrowers are meeting payment obligations, while non-performing mortgage notes refer to debt under stress. Due to higher risks, the latter is typically available with substantial discounts and have the potential to generate higher returns. Moreover, the risk is reduced through real estate collateral.

“Note investing could be an excellent strategy to generate passive income with minimal involvement. Investors could often earn a steady, predictable and above-average return through the borrower’s monthly interest payments when the loan remains performing. In addition, it has significantly low investment thresholds, which makes it accessible to all types of investors.” Seveney elaborated.

The inherent characteristics of mortgage note investing have attracted both new and experienced investors in search of short- to long-term investment options. 7E Investments offers several personalized solutions to meet these diverse investor requirements. They include note funds, partials, management and mentoring, providing a high level of flexibility to meet the investment goals of passive and active investors.

For more information about mortgage note investing, visit 7einvestments.com or listen to their podcast.

About 7E Investments ─ 7E Investments is a Virginia-based private real estate investment firm. The company is a mortgage note investment firm that has managed a portfolio of over 500 performing and non-performing assets valued at more than $75 million. The firm specializes in providing custom active and passive investment options for investors. 7E Investments has built a team of professionals across all major markets, allowing their clients to invest from anywhere across the U.S.  To learn more, visit 7einvestments.com or listen to their podcast.

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