Six Reasons to Invest in Mortgage Notes

June 3, 2022

Lauren Wells



Over the years, we’ve seen many experienced investors using mortgage notes to diversify their portfolios. At the same time, note investing has attracted a massive number of new and passive investors too.

What makes them so attractive to these different types of investors? How do you know if it’s right for you?

The best way to answer these questions is by taking a closer look at the advantages of mortgage investing.

#1 Passive income

It’s a viable option to generate consistent and predictable passive income with minimum involvement if the loan continues to perform.

#2 Potential for above-average returns

Compared to other traditional income-generating asset classes, such as a CD or Savings Bond, mortgage notes can outperform conventional investments.

#3 More Flexibility

They have certain liquidity and offer several exit strategies in case you want to exit before the notes mature, offering greater flexibility compared to investments like stocks.

#4 Real estate-backed

Your investment is secured by physical real estate assets. That’s another advantage over popular collateral-free investment options like stocks and commodities.

#5 Low cost of entry

Unlike owning real estate, mortgage notes don’t require high capital investments.

#6 No hassles of property ownership

You get to be part of the real estate industry without all the hassles and costs of property ownership.

At 7E Investments, you’ll also receive personalized options to fit your specific needs when investing in mortgage notes.

Learn more about our customized solutions.

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