The Real Monetary System: On Cryptocurrency And Financial Security With Steven Spence

April 13, 2022




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Most of us consider money to be as important as time. But we spend most of our time and energy earning money. In this episode, Steven Spence talks about how the monetary system works, not just in the US but worldwide. He shares what’s going on right now with cryptocurrency and how we can attain financial security. Most of the information he shares is also written in his Money Plain and Simple book. Listen to this episode to gain valuable insights into the hard realities we encounter today.

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The Real Monetary System: On Cryptocurrency And Financial Security With Steven Spence

Jamie Bateman could not be with us but we do have a special guest. For note investors, this is going to be a very interesting topic because we are going to do a deep dive into the monetary system. I have on Steven Spence, the author of Money Plain and Simple: What the Institutions and the Elite Don’t Want You To Know. Steven, how are you?

I’m great. Thanks for having me on, Chris.

No problem. You have written a book about the monetary system. You are also a real estate investor but I’m guessing the book probably spurned from your real estate investments and want to get a deeper dive or understanding of the system. Can you share your story with us?

I was building helicopters here in South Florida and all of a sudden, I got laid off. It was not without notice so we had time to prepare for it. Something I have always wanted to do was get into real estate investing. I put that into hyperdrive as far as learning about it. As I was learning and trying to figure this out, I started finding out that the money system wasn’t what I thought it was. I continued studying real estate investing but also started studying banking and the monetary system. I found out it wasn’t just in the United States. It was global then I found out how dangerous it is.

Let’s do a deeper dive into what’s dangerous about it. For people, the book is Money Plain and Simple. What do you consider some of the dangers about it from that perspective?

If I may first start with the book I made, it is super small and short. I condensed everything I learned. When I’m studying, I’m not a reader and I’m forcing myself to read. I know a lot of people in my circle don’t read either. This is a very important message. The danger is how fragile our system is. When I realized I had never heard of Fiat currency. I’m sure some people have because I was the money guy. I didn’t know anything. I started opening my eyes. When I started figuring out what Fiat currency was, I was like, “It is a creation of money out of nothing.”

When you start figuring out how they are creating money, the US government, you then start finding out what the world reserve currency is. I don’t want to get too far but how all currencies are tied to the world reserve currency, which is the US dollar. The way of the dollar is the way of the world. It leads to the petrodollar and understanding how that works. It gives the dollar value.

We are basically dependent on another nation’s supply and it has been sold in dollars if you will. We are dependent on that. We are in a confidence game or a con game. The thing that blew my mind was the loans. Banks are making loans to people like me and also a lot higher than me, maybe you as well, for our investments and they are creating the money out of thin air. It blows my mind to figure that out.

The book that I read that opened my eyes was The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, which was written by Edward Griffin. It is about 600 pages. It is very long. The first half of it I found to be very educational. At some point, it did get a little bit too political, personally. I like to read and don’t mind opinions but certain aspects I thought got a little political. We will do a deep dive into the banks in a second but for people understanding Fiat currency, basically, the US dollar used to be based on the gold reserve or the gold stamp. Once we went to Fiat currency, essentially the government and you have noticed probably that, Steven, print money.

It is backed by the US government but it is backed basically based on the word. I would argue to some people that there is a little more than the word because the US government does own assets. It owns a lot of land, property, oil and mineral rights and many different aspects that it technically is backed by something. If the US went bankrupt and went to liquid its assets, there are assets there. It is used to be backed by gold, where now it is like, “We want to print money. We will go print some money.” Did I get that definition correct on the Fiat side?

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With the money creation, when you talked about The Creature of Jekyll, that is the creation of the Federal Reserve System. The system made sense if it stayed the same and our dollars were backed by gold. The reserve would hold the gold. I think the gold was $20 an ounce or something so you can print twenty reserve notes to that gold. You can go to the bank and exchange it for gold, giving the money value. Fast forward to The Great Depression and coming out of The Great Depression in 1933, the government confiscated the citizen’s gold and made everyone turn it in.

When they confiscated it, they paid them. It was the price of $20. They jacked it up and there was a profit on the ounce of gold once it was turned in. They revalued the dollar to the gold. It was held in 1971. I think it was limited to 5 ounces per person if they wanted it. They were so used to using dollars over the years. Foreign investors or people are using our money around the world because Bretton Woods in ’44 made it the world reserve currency.

As it was backed by gold, it had value. We had military might. We came out on top after World War II as the strong nation of the world. With that said, all these nations decided to tie their currency to the dollar and no longer had to back their own currency with gold.  Everything was tied to the dollar. Everyone in the world can exchange their currency for gold. There was a run on our gold in ’71 and Nixon had to put a stop to it. We are through this inflation crisis. There was an unemployment issue. All this stuff was happening. Our economy was great. Nixon had to make a temporary action through an executive order to remove the dollar from the gold standard.

He made it permanent three months later through a permanent executive order. It is still never voted into law and under an executive order. If we were good stewards as the government goes, I think it would be okay. What happened is our Congress or politicians have found the money tree. The way I see it now is they are plucking all the leaves off the tree and there is nothing left.

I had a conference in December 2021. It was an economist here in the DC area who’s very well known. It is interesting because he’s an economist with a sense of humor, which is very rare to find. He was talking about the next crisis. Based on where the economy is now with a lot of supply chain issues and so forth, a lot of people think that we are going to be in a deep recession very quickly.

He had a different opinion, which was he didn’t think the US would start feeling significant pain until 2026 and 2027 when Medicare started to run out of money. His comment was, at that point in time, the government will have three options. They will either cut spending to increase money for Medicare, increased taxes and the third is print more money.

It is going to be in the middle of an election cycle and so forth. He goes, “What do you think politicians are going to do? They are not going to raise taxes or cut spending so they are going to print more money. Eventually, we are going to print it ourselves.” I think we may already have a problem. One of the things I wanted to shift to a little bit is because we set the basis a little bit on the monetary system. This is what blew my mind because I knew about the Fiat currency because you hear about that but the fractional banking lending or I read it as they call it, the fractional system where banks basically only need to keep a certain percentage of the money in the bank as deposits and can lend out the rest of it.

When people hear the term run-on banks, I don’t think they truly understand what’s going on. This episode is being recorded in March of 2022 where there is what’s going on between Ukraine and Russia. There are run-on banks which are people going to get all their money out. Correct me if I’m wrong, Steven but in the US, if everyone went to get their money out of the bank, the bank would be, “Sorry, I don’t have your money. I only have 10% of it essentially.” Is that a correct statement?

Yeah. If you go to make a large withdrawal, you get questioned and you have to make an appointment. If you have $10,000 in the bank, maybe you can or can’t. That is the thing. It is probably not more than likely not going to be there. They will want to prearrange it but I do want to go back about the fractional reserve system. I put this in my book. The fractional reserve is 10%. They have to hold 10% and they can lend out the 90%. Lending out the 90% is creating out of nothing. They charge you interest to pay them back. That is the part that blows my mind.

GDNI 199 | Monetary System

Money Plain and Simple: What the Institutions and the Elite Don’t Want You to Know

In the crisis of 2020, we had a recession. If you blinked your eyes, it is the quickest recession, I think, on record. They also passed the American Recovery Act or something like that. They waived the 10%. I wrote it. The details are in my book. Basically, there is no fractional reserve banking now. They just said, “No more 10%.” Now that flooded the market with money. In March 2022, people are starting to feel inflation in a major way. They are blaming it on the war. You have to define inflation. Inflation, the way I studied it is the inflation of the money supply.

What the banks did was they created all this money and got it to the end-user or the retail person, all of us, through stimulus checks or whatever they ordered these loans. The skyrocketing of home loans and people selling their houses for astronomical prices are flooding the system with money. The CPI, which is the Consumer Price Index, is only the gauge of the result of what was happened before. We had this flooding of money and 40% of all US dollars were created since 2020.

I think it is even higher than that until the Fed finally raised the federal funds rate by a quarter of a percent to fight inflation. What can you expect as far as inflation goes? That was part of my book as the warning is this is only the beginning the way I see it. If you had a 40% inflation of money supply, you could expect a lot higher inflation. Some argue that it is and the numbers may have impeached you.

I want to give people an example of what we are talking about in simple terms. Sometimes it is a little easier to visualize. Let’s say that you, Steven, have $100,000 that you put in the bank. The bank is going to say, “This is awesome. I’m going to keep $10,000 in the bank and lend $90,000 out.” Let’s say I, as a person, say, “I want to go buy a house from John and need a $90,000 loan.” I applied to the bank and the bank gave me a $90,000 loan for that house. I take that money to pay John. What does John do with that money?

John goes back and puts it back in the bank. Look at what’s on the bank’s balance sheet. Originally, the bank had $100,000 of your money, Steven and that is what they had. Now, they have $100,000 of cash still in there, plus a $90,000 loan that I owe the bank. The bank basically created out of thin air $90,000. The banks can keep doing that to the tune of, I forget what the multiple is but I don’t know, like 90 or something like that. When you think about that and people like, “The banks don’t make money. Even though they give you a quarter-point interest and they are only charging 3.5 or whatever it is. No, it is 10X because they are lending out all this money that they are creating out of thin air.

I think it is beyond what you are saying because the way I understand it is if you had a $100,000 deposit, that deposit is now equal to $1 million in loans to the bank. That is the way I used to think. They took my money, my deposit, your deposits and they put them together and loaned it back out. Maybe they had to keep a reserve in case I wanted some money. If it is big enough, they can handle this but it is not. It is like they take $100,000 of my money and turn it into $1 million. I’m like, “Where does the $900,000 come from?” It was created. That is, to my mind, like, “No, I got this,” but no.

You probably have a better idea of this. You mentioned that the 10% reserve rate has gone away. That reserve rate had fluctuated overtime when the economy crashed several years ago. If a bank had a delinquent loan, the bank would have to hold that money in reserves. That is why the government came in and bailed out a lot of these banks because they didn’t have the money to cover these loans. This is my interpretation so I would love to get your opinion. All these loans went into default. They had to move them over onto their balance sheet now as a liability and have to hold that money in reserves, which is, I think, on the FDIC website.

You can see how much money banks hold in their reserves or what they carry for losses. That is something note investors look at to see what we see down the pipeline for coming down for non-performing loans. Banks are starting to shift money out of lending into a reserve bucket. That means they are starting to write stuff off or also starting to liquidate in the near future potentially. Did I get that right when I made those statements?

Yeah and I want to add that the Fed has basically backstopped everything that the banks do. They are operating with a big safety net so they can take more risks. When they take money, to them, a deposit is a liability. That is another thing to try to wrap your head around. To us, you are working on personal business and accounts . Those are assets to us. It is a whole different system. This is my opinion. I lived through 2008. I owned a house at that time and my house value was almost cut in half. I survived but a lot of people didn’t survive. When you look around, we went through a recession and a Great Financial Crisis. They call it GFC. Do you know the difference between a recession and a depression?

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This is a joke. A recession is when your neighbor loses his job and a depression is when you lose your job. I knew a lot of people thought of that. I knew a lot of people who unfortunately lost their job. They were walking the tight rope without a safety net. They were taking interest-only loans so they could afford a more expensive home. They were doing irresponsible things and working these jobs. They call it ninja loans. Have you heard that?

Yeah, no income, no job qualification or something.

It is almost like the financial monster gets so big. They started eating the junk and started bringing people in. I don’t mean to judge or anything but people that aren’t financially stable own houses.

Back in the day, I was working for a general contractor. They caught wind of it when they were doing a lot of new condo developments down in Miami in that area. They slowed down significantly because they had individuals who literally stepped out of college. Their background wasn’t even real estate. They were getting private money from people and basically wanted to develop condo buildings. At that point in time, developing a high-rise building is not for the faint of heart and you have to have experience.

When they saw random people and I will use the term random but people who are not in the business for a long time, popping up and doing this, that was a warning sign. For me, I start a little bit now to see that especially on the short-term rental. For real estate, it is the next big thing where I hear people arbitraging apartments. You can make money off it but there are a lot of programs out there that people are selling and aren’t educated on this.

With COVID being a two-year process, people have been pent up and they want to go on vacation. I think once people get back to normal life and with inflation and everything getting stupidly expensive, that might slow down a little bit. For me, from a real estate perspective, I do think commercials are going to be the first to crack the egg because the amount of money that is in commercial versus residential is much larger than the banks but the first we will hit will be that secondary home Airbnb type component. I would love to get your opinion on that.

I want to throw in one other thing that I thought you mentioned the recession and depression. I liked that. The other one that I liked from The Creature From Jekyll Island that they joke about is, the Federal Reserve is neither federal nor it is a reserve. Most people think it is a government. Technically, it is not. It is run by the banks and not a reserve. It is the opposite of a reserve because it is the one handing out the money.

I was in the Air Force, joined in 1981. In the mid-’80s, I was in my early 20s. We had to study how the government works and budget processes and stuff like that. There was that assimilated to looked like a budget process and they told us. Anyways, one of the things I sat there and wondered about was, why do we have to borrow money from ourselves? Why does the Treasury borrow money from the Fed? You said it was a perfect point. I assumed that the Fed was a federal agency. That is the other trick. It is purposely deceptive. You realize it is not even owned. I talk about the Federal Reserve in the book.

GDNI 199 | Monetary System

Monetary System: When you start figuring out what Fiat currency is, you think to yourself that it’s creating money out of nothing.


This is like, you get the crash course, understand and able to talk intelligently about some of these things and maybe build on it. That question bounced around in my head from  time to time. It came back to life. Why do we do that? That is not the case. This goes into the big money system with houses in the commercial real estate in South Florida where I lived. I’m not saying that I’m wealthy but there is a lot of wealth here.

These people will never feel these problems. When you get away from this, you start seeing that all these stores are closed. Commercial real estate is not boarded up for lease signs and vacant buildings. You wonder where this is going to go especially with the technological trend of online stuff. I don’t know if that is the sole purpose. I know my church was looking for a building at one point and even this building was empty for years, they said, “No, we would still want this astronomical price.”

I would like to transition a little bit because I love to get your opinion on this. I will start by saying that I’m usually a pessimist on things and was completely wrong about Facebook. I’m like, “How can they ever make money?” They basically let people post, not realizing how much money data is worth. I thought the same thing about Tesla because they were running such huge deficits and so forth and that stock again took off as well. I’m always wrong and a pessimist on the current cryptocurrencies that are out there. Briefly, you touched base about crypto in your book. I love to get your opinion on crypto.

I am pretty much back out of it at the moment but when I started studying it, they said, “Don’t ever put anything in that you are not willing to lose.” That warning, I think, still holds true for ordinary people like me. It is volatile. The idea of crypto is awesome. When you understand the Federal Reserve and the world reserve currency and all the banking cabal, if you will, the central banks, that is a centralized banking system.

This system is being challenged by cryptocurrency because it is decentralized. That is very attractive to people like me. Once you understand what the government is doing  by decentralizing the banking system and you want to get away from it, it is almost like freedom. I want freedom and everyone to experience freedom through the money supply.

2022 has been such a revealing year. What happened in Canada with the truckers and how they froze bank accounts and this and that and this thing in Russia and what they are doing. I’m not going to get political here but they are able to lock down, seize yachts, all this stuff is happening. They are able to do that. I’m not going to argue whether they should or not but the fact is, they wouldn’t touch it. It is your money or so you think it is but that is the illusion.

That is another reason why it is dangerous. You are not in control of your money. Cryptocurrency gives you that freedom but there are so many of them. There are primary currencies, which is the Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some of the altcoins are fraudulent and some of them are not. You don’t go all-in on something. They pulled the rug out from underneath you. That has happened. People mortgage your house by Dogecoin and then Dogecoin crashes. It bounces up and then it crashes. There are winners and losers in that. The losers are the ones that are holding the bag still. The winners are the ones that cashed out at the top.

Bitcoins were floating around $44,500 as of this moment. I think right before COVID, it was about $6,000 and went up to $70,000, which is extremely volatile. My question with it is I understand decentralization. Understanding the banking system that runs the world, I almost view it as the banking system is like, “You can go play checkers with your cryptocurrencies and stuff but we are playing a game of chess here. When we want to put our foot in the game, we are basically going to create our own cryptocurrency and call it decentralized,” which it won’t.

You are going to get all the banks and the money that controls the world involved in this. They are going to want to control it. I can’t see for the life of me this whole monetary system being backed and everything backed by the dollar was a very strategic, well-thought-out plan. Looking back on it, it was probably somewhat genius by the US to get a lot of the world to back oil and everything by the dollar. I don’t see them letting go of that power. I don’t see them go off that power. Do you?

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That is a great point and something I put in my book too. I don’t make friends when I talk like this. A lot of people are heavily invested in this. I remember people were screaming, “Bitcoin is going to $100,000, $1 million so and so.” It crashed. I went to $69,000 in November 2021. It fell all the way down to the mid-$30,000. It is a 50% loss and you still have fans. The whole idea about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is supposed to be used as a currency, not as a speculative investment. That is what turned out to be.

Joe Biden already wrote an executive order and all these exchanges. If they want to operate, the government is beating them up. The SEC is saying, “You got to report this now.” All of a sudden, it is not operating in the space of decentralization being controlled by the government. You are right. Whoever has the control, they want the control whether you like that or not. They are not going to give it up easily. All they are going to do is change the laws and China has made it illegal. There are a few other countries. On the other side, El Salvador made it legal. There is this battle going on in the IMF, the International Monetary Fund doesn’t like this. They are trying to beat El Salvador up but they seem to be thriving at the moment with this Bitcoin.

I was a little bit fascinated and a nerd when it came to learning things. I’m always chasing the company squirrel because I’m always chasing shiny objects. I spent one weekend once watching. It was interesting because SEC Chair Gary Gensler used to be a professor at MIT. MIT does have open courses you can take. He taught one on the blockchain a few years ago. It is very intriguing. It is interesting now because of his position where he is. He has been tied connected to politics for years but it is very unbiased. The whole time I’m like, “This is amazing.” Most people look at where they are and probably said something several years ago that would definitely bite them in the ass.

The whole course was telling you about the technology, the pros and cons of it. The whole time it is like, “I’m not forming an opinion on this. You need to form your own opinion.” It is interesting between Ethereum and Bitcoin. I think it is a closed network versus an open network and so forth. It does go into detail about how it has been around for years. Besides investing in this asset and that class, the technology is there but the used cases are taking a long time to say something is 100% completely running on the blockchain. It is such a new technology and taking a long time.

What I viewed as the internet when you had AOL and the crush dial-up and now you look where we are now, a lot of his conversation is probably all these companies are out there. None of them may be around in the next big Tesla or Amazon or whatever it is for blockchain probably hasn’t even been created yet. I thought it was very interesting but I’m glad we got to talk about crypto. I love hearing other people’s opinions. Sometimes, I will agree and disagree but I’m the type of person who can hold a conversation with people without screaming at them when I disagree.

What I do want to add to that is that Visa is very interested in this transaction. It will speed up a lot of processes. When I look at these giant corporations trying to get in on something, they could buy it all up if they wanted to for themselves or even shut it down, if they will. I think as far as crypto goes, everyone should at least get a wallet and understand because that is where we are going. Whether you like it or not, we are going there.

I call it the fed coin but they already have the laws written. That is a thing they did when they got rid of the reserve banking in 2020 or some part of it. They withdrew it but they had a bill ready to go. It is already written and they were looking for a crisis to launch it. We are that close. From what I understand is, when they get into that, it is going to take out the little man. They are going to control your money and that is the scary part.

They are going to tax you to death because  they could track every transaction. If you are not paying $50 cash for that thing you picked up on Craigslist, you go through a digital wallet, which “Here’s a transaction. Thank you. Here’s your 5% state tax,” or whatever it is.

If you are going to pay the local kid to cut your grass for $20, that is going to be taxed to the kid. All that stuff is going to be tracked. That is my argument. I take the wrong pulse side of this. Money needs to be sound and free of government. It needs to be and then they would eliminate all these problems.

GDNI 199 | Monetary System

Monetary System: Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is supposed to be used as a currency, not as a speculative investment.


That is where people think, “It is decentralized.” To me, it might be decentralized but it is more of a big brother’s watching you more. If I want to pay somebody $20 to cut my grass or build something in my house, I pay them $100 cash or whatnot. That is what you can do. All of a sudden, they are going to track every transaction. Who the hell knows what they are going to do with that data? I’m not a conspiracy theorist in any way, shape or form but where is that data going? Who owns that data? Every time I make a comment on something, my phone is listening to me. I go on Facebook, see an ad about probably your book, from that perspective.

The other component that would need to be figured out is Bitcoin and there are only so many of them. Our whole banking system is based on that whole fractional lending of, “You got $100,000 in the bank. The bank will lend you $1 million.” If there is only so much Bitcoin, the bank can’t create that money to loan you. What happens? There is only so much of an item. That is a whole another explode your head type of thing to think about.

On my website, I have been blogging a lot for the book and adding to the book. One of the things I wrote about is that we have enemies like the United States. They have grown to a point where they are somebody you need to pay attention to now financially. Guess who we are trying to go to war with now? Russia. I wrote this article. I’m starting to see a lot of the talking heads starting to talk about it now. Reserve currency gives you the right to control money. “When you control it, you control the world,” from Henry Kissinger.

These people want to control the world. We have in control and we work through our money. My point is most of us don’t know what it is like to live in another country where we are dependent on the dollar. What I mean is we can pay people to stay home, not to work. If you think about it, we didn’t have the money in the bank to do that. It hurts your head. The only way that was possible was because we are the holders of the reserve currency. I am pro-American all the way and want America number one.

If we are not careful, we are going to lose this. To be able to create money in the banking system, that is going to go away. No other country can do that but the only reason why we can do that is because of our status as a world reserve currency. Russia announced that they are going to sell all their natural gas in rubles. That is going against the petrodollar thing. Now, they are propping up their rubles. What they have been doing over the past decade is stockpiling gold and same with China. The United States is still the number one holder of gold but not by much anymore when you start adding countries up. Have you ever heard of BRICS?

Yeah. Is it Brazil, Russia, India, China?

South Africa is at the end. When you look at the geography and the populace, that is almost half the globe, population, and real estate. The East is larger than the West when you start looking at population. People are getting tired of our bully tactics if you will. I hate to say it like that. With the way we are flexing our muscles around the world, it is good to go against Afghanistan or Iraq or whatever we have been engaged with but now you are talking superpowers. Other people are signing with them. It is like, “Wait for a second here.”

We have been the big brother for many years. It is my personal view on things. Russia and China seem to be the two brothers who were teaming up a little bit and potentially looking at trying to, I don’t want to say join forces but if those two combined to start controlling things, they have probably the capacity to cause some serious impact to the US dollar.

Russia has made arrangements with Saudi Arabia to protect them and to start allowing oil to be sold in yuans. Saudi Arabia saw what we did in Afghanistan. That is how the petrodollar came about. We offered our military protection to the Middle East. All these things are being eroded or chipped away. I’m not saying they are going to be successful or not but there is a run now. In our way of life, if all these dollars that are out in the system start coming back, we haven’t even seen inflation there.

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That is the danger that I want people to see. A lot of us think tomorrow is going to come and be the same as now. We keep working but there are some major cracks in this whole system. They are being exposed in a mighty way. I remember going with my editor and she read the book. She said she knew nothing and was like, “This is crazy.” I get to the end and I don’t know what to do.

That is a challenge because you are not in control. My final thought on things is you got to go about and if it is a real estate investor or people read this, you have got to do what’s best for your company and best for you and understand what’s around you but also be able to be very dynamic and fluid. I also would always recommend people. If you want to prepare for certain things, don’t panic. Don’t think, “Everything is going to crash so I’m not going to invest in anything or whatnot,” because the reality is if there is a major downfall in most things, typically, there is nothing you can do.

You can try and protect yourself as best as possible, which means don’t overleverage. I always joke, if the shitstorm comes and takes us all down, we are all going down with it. We might as well have fun until you get to that point but be smart. That is one thing I see with investors that are overleveraging or doing things that are a little crazy. If you have smart sound business practices, there are many companies that have been around before and after 2008. Why? Because of that, how you want to manage a business is sound business practices without overleveraging.

I agree 100% with you and what I wanted to say is there is more to the spectrum than what you are doing. If you don’t know the stuff we are talking about and you see the playing field, you can prepare and make those decisions wisely and weather the storm. Hopefully, you are not the one that goes down. That helps you survive. Prepare is not a reason to panic because if you are prepared, you won’t panic. That is the way I feel about it.

Steven, this has been a great episode. I love the discussion. If people want to find more information about you, what’s the best way for them to find information or reach out to you?

The best way is my website is www.MoneyPlainandSimpleBook.com. There is a free sample or download of my book. This is an important message, I feel so I translated it into Spanish as well. That will be released soon. You can download the intro and the first chapter to get a feel of what we are talking about and how simple the book is. I have a blog page there where I blog about current events in a nonpolitical way. It is the things that I see happening to keep you up-to-date and try to keep it in a simple format. I have my Contact Us page as well. You can contact on that side as well.

I see you have a blog post about being a victim of analysis paralysis, which most people have. I haven’t had time to check it out but I definitely will. Steven, thanks for being on this episode. Thank you all for reading. As always, make sure to go out and do some good deeds. Thank you, everybody.


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