Solutions To Common Problems In Note Investing

Solutions To Common Problems In Note Investing


Check me out on this episode of the Note Closers Podcast.

Your note investing horror story happens more often than you think. Problems with vendors, deals and other people in the note investing industry can really affect your quality of life. But even the ugliest of stories can contain valuable nuggets of wisdom to be used for next time. Learn how to pick the most effective solutions for common problems in note investing with Chris Seveney of 7E Investments and Gail Greenberg of Win Win Notes. If you’re a borrower in need of multiple options with the opportunity to stay in the home, then Chris Seveney of 7E Investments is your guy. Located in Washington, DC, Chris specializes in the acquisition of first position nonperforming and performing notes. Over the past two years, his company has acquired over 50 assets and have provided their investors with above average returns. Guest host Gail Greenberg is a social media expert. One of the things that Gail did at Note CAMP was running daily promotions to see who puts out the most creative posts. At the end of it, she won the grand prize of having a year membership for the Note Mastermind and came to a Fast Track training, which she leveraged to kick-start her way into the note industry.

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