Effective Tips For Note Investors

Effective Tips For Note Investors


Recently we had the opportunity to host the note closers podcast. You can listen here. Just starting out? A lot of folks getting into the note business will go ahead and commit to getting the free online training courses, listening to the podcast. That only gets you so far. It’ll give you a 40,000-foot view of what the note business is about. But when you get down to it, there’s so many moving parts in a note transaction. It can just make a complete left turn on you if you’re not careful, so having that additional safety net is crucial. Learn more tips for note investors with guest hosts Chris Seveney of 7E Investments and Gail Villanueva of Noteworthy Investments.

If you’re a borrower in need of multiple options with the opportunity to stay in the home, then Chris Seveney of 7E Investments is your guy. Located in Washington, DC, Chris specializes in the acquisition of first position nonperforming and performing notes. Over the past two years, his company has acquired over 50 assets and have provided their investors with above average returns. Gail Villanueva has been a licensed real estate agent since ’84; but the market changed. When everybody was zigging towards overbidding on rehabs, Gail decided to zag into notes. How many notes? Noteworthy Investments just closed on their eighth note, going from zero to 17,500 miles an hour. That’s what you need to do achieve orbit.

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