Are You Investing Through Your Retirement Account?

May 27, 2022

Lauren Wells



Many people do not make enough use of the tax benefits available to them. As a result, they could be losing a significant portion of their earnings each year.

The fact is that savvy investors don’t just focus on making money. They also work hard to protect their wealth and maximize returns by leveraging smart strategies.

One option that could offer notable benefits to individual investors is a Retirement Account.

A traditional IRA is limited to a handful of investment options like stocks and bonds. But did you know that a Self-Directed IRA, commonly known as an SDIRA, allows you to invest in many more investment categories? These can range from real estate and mortgage notes to even precious metals.

It means you get to diversify your portfolio and enjoy substantial tax benefits. For example, if you have a self-directed traditional IRA, your investment income could be tax-exempted until withdrawal.

This is great news for any individual investor! Moreover, an SDIRA could offer greater freedom to decide how and where you want to invest.

Experienced investors already know this, and they frequently use retirement accounts to maximize their wealth. Why shouldn’t you?

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