Quick Guide to Mortgage Note Investing (#5 of 5-part series)

April 24, 2022




Today, we’re going to address an important question raised by all our new investors. Who should invest in mortgage notes?

Well, we all know that investment strategies are often designed to serve specific investor groups. For example, some are limited to high-net-worth investors. Others may involve criteria that will not meet certain investment goals. 

So, what about mortgage notes? Who could best benefit from them? 

The truth is, when we look at our client portfolio, we see all kinds of investors getting into mortgage notes. We have both accredited and non-accredited investors, self-directed IRA investors, new noteholders and even first-time investors putting their money into mortgage note investing. 

How come? 

It all boils down to everything we’ve discussed in this this five-part series. 

For instance, we know that mortgage notes could be an excellent passive income source. They can potentially generate consistent and predictable above-average returns when the loans remain performing. So, they often attract passive investors looking to supplement their regular income without committing much time or effort. 

The low minimum investment thresholds make mortgage note investing more accessible to new investors with limited savings. At the same time, the low volatility, high liquidity and multiple exit strategies significantly lower risks, which is great for risk-averse investors. 

In addition, mortgage note investments are backed by real estate assets. Even experienced investors appreciate this collateral-based security. The customized investment solutions available allow different types of investors to get involved. 

Want to learn more about mortgage note investing? Visit 7einvestments.com or listen to our podcast

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