Quick Guide to Mortgage Note Investing (#2 of 5-part series)

April 21, 2022




Did you know that mortgage notes could be an excellent alternative investment option? 

Many people want to build their nest egg with minimal involvement. However, a lot of investment strategies demand substantial time commitments, which is not easy when you’ve got a full-time job. They may also need significant expertise, which would again require both time and money to master. 

So, most of these investors look for strategies that will let them generate regular passive cash flow so they can sit back and focus on daily priorities. 

Here’s what makes mortgage notes really stand out:  unlike most other passive income-generating investments, like government bonds or a CD, mortgage notes could potentially generate better returns than these more conventional investment options. So, they’re often a great option to diversify your portfolio, whether you want to boost your monthly earnings to cover regular expenses or seek additional income during retirement. 

Check out how Mike Schultz has made part-time mortgage note investing a source of passive cash flow to support his family – From Live-In House Flipper To Part-Time Note Investor With Mike Schultz

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