Notes vs. Real Estate – #2 Passive Income

May 4, 2022

Lauren Wells



Did you know that mortgage note investing is a viable solution for passive investors? 

We all know that many people start their investment journey while juggling a full-time job with other personal commitments. So, they need investment strategies that could grow their wealth with minimum hassle. Mortgage note investing can be an excellent option for these types of investors. 

Many people new to real estate investing, especially the rental side of the business, think it’s a passive income source too, but, the reality is far from it. You’ll need to either flip your property or find tenants to generate returns. All these demand a substantial amount of time, effort, knowledge AND money. 

Just think about it for a second. A profitable flip is not just time-consuming. It requires money and expertise. 

And, if you’re thinking of renting your property, finding and managing tenants is not easy either. You’ll need to advertise, draw up contracts and attend to maintenance and repair work. The bottom line: real estate is very much an active income source. 

However, note investing is a lot simpler and there’s less stress for the investor. Apart from due diligence, there’s very little hassle on a performing asset. Your investment could generate passive income with literally zero active involvement if you have a good loan servicing company. So, it would be a great option if you want a hands-free approach to investing! 

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