Notes vs. Real Estate – #1 Predictability of Cash Flow

May 2, 2022

Lauren Wells



Over the years, we’ve seen lots of people trying to make money in real estate—flipping houses, managing rental properties and investing in countless other opportunities. The truth is real estate investing isn’t for everyone. However, many investors don’t realize this until they’ve tried their hands at it. 

Recently, investors have been turning to mortgage notes as an alternative real estate investment strategy. For many people, note investing is still an unfamiliar concept. They are either completely in the dark or know too little to effectively make use of it. 

So, we thought of doing a new 6-part series to get you up to speed on Notes vs. Real Estate. You’ll learn about how they differ and why owning mortgage notes might be a better option for you. 

So, let’s get started! 

Notes vs. Real Estate – #1 Predictability of Cash Flow 

One of the best things about note investing is the consistency and predictability of interest income on performing assets. That’s the beauty of being on the lender’s side of a real estate investment. 

On the flip side, when you invest directly in property, you’re responsible for repaying your lenders and you only start earning once you’ve settled monthly debt obligations, bills and other expenses. So, there’s a lower chance of gaining consistent returns. 

So, would you rather be a borrower or a lender? Many investors choose the latter! 
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