The Past Year’s Journey – 1 Year Since Note Camp 4.0

December 26, 2018

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Journey of A Note Investor

My Journey In Note Investing

Good morning, and I hope you’re all doing well today. Today is October 15th and today marks the anniversary as well as a milestone for me in Note Investing. So I wanted to do a quick video to highlight both the anniversary and the milestone. Today is the one year anniversary that note camp 4.0 hosted by Scott Carson came to conclusion.

For those who have never participated in note Camp, Scott gets 30 plus speakers together over a course of four days and goes through all different aspects of Note Investing including marketing and how to grow your Note Investing business. As part of Note Camp Scott has competitions. I was aware of the competition and I was in it to win it. But more importantly I wanted to advance my marketing skills so I was going to compete.

The Ultimate Prize in Note Investing

I’m very competitive and I wanted to go for the gold and win Scott’s grand prize, which was admission to his fast track note investing training. What was going to be the challenge was it is based on social media involvement. For me, a week prior to note camp I didn’t have an instagram or twitter account. I thought buffer was something that happens when you download a file.

Therefore, my marketing in note investing was irrelevant. I an an engineer, so marketing and engineers just don’t work together. But throughout that process it was a learning experience where you could bounce ideas off people. If you posted something that didn’t make sense or needed work, note camp was your training arena where you could practice as continue to grow your note investing business.

Note Investing
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Note Investing Goals

As part of note camp I set a note investing goal of acquiring 60 assets over the next year. When you break it down into pieces, which engineers do, its 5 notes a month. I knew it would be difficult, especially working full time. I also have a beautiful wife and two kids and in the process of getting my master’s degree as well. So take all of that and then throw a note business on top of it. I could easily make excuses on why I’m not doing things, but I think I’ve become pretty good master at time management and continuing to grow my business and really just focus on it when I have time versus watching whatever’s on the news. Being in Washington DC, it’s a very political environment, but I don’t even pay attention to it because that doesn’t affect me and my family or my note business.

Note Investing Milestone

So I focus on the things that I can control. So what is that milestone that I hit? Well today I heard back from a seller that I had two more offers accepted which hit the 60 mark over the last 12 months. So I’m starting due diligence, but this would be the 60th notes over the last 12 months and there’s many people I can thank. Of course I have to thank Scott Carson for everything he has done for me. So of course, you know, shout out to Scott. He’s been great and if you do what he says and follow it, it does work. If you do not believe me you can ask Eric Hyde, or Gail Greenberg, who is the other person I’d like to thank as well. As you may know, I call her my therapist, because we basically bounce ideas off each other and share stories.

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