The Morning Drive Episode 7

December 16, 2018

Brandcasting You



Good morning everybody, Chris Seveney here with the morning drive. Hope you’re doing well this Friday. And today what I wanted to do is I wanted to talk about really I have a special announcement to make a lately, Gail Greenberg and I have been collaborating on a lot of things and we are happy to announce the launch of our Note Investing podcast. After a few months in planning, we have launched, we are now on itunes, stitcher, Google play.

Note Investing
Check out the Podcast On Itunes

The name of the podcast is Good Deeds Note Investing podcast (www.gooddeedsnoteinvesting.com/podcast). And we’re excited. Launching a podcast is not easy by any means. It’s not just simply getting up and recording some conent. It takes a lot of work, a lot of planning that goes involved with a podcast. And I see Scott Carson of We Close Notes who we learned Note Investing from doing it every day it gives you a lot more respect when you try and walk in somebody’s shoes and realize how much work gets into it.

Note Investing
Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast Has Launched

But we do want to thank, Scott as well as Tom, Tracy, Alexandra, and Laura Hazzard, at Brandcasters and Podetize. We couldn’t have done it without them. I will put a link below for those if you want to go to a site and start listening. So if you’re driving around this weekend or traveling this holiday season and want to hear our note investing stories, we’ve got six episodes currently launched and more coming out over the next few weeks.

The spin on the podcast is really to tell the life of a note investor and the trials and tribulations we go through and things we go through on a weekly basis as well as some of the things that we’ve learned throughout the course of our note careers. So we hope you have a chance to listen, enjoy, and we would love to get feedback and hear other comments that you may have. We’ll also be having special guests on and also be doing some other cool things. So stay tuned and thank you for listening this morning.


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