Make a Meaningful Impact With Your Investment! 

May 24, 2022

Lauren Wells



Social sustainability has become a growing concern for many people today, including investors. They’re putting increasing pressure on businesses and governments to do what’s right for the less-advantaged segments of society. 

For years, the power to influence social change has largely rested upon high-net-worth investors with substantial assets. Not anymore! 

Mortgage note investing allows all levels of investors to make a significant social impact, even with just a few thousand dollars. Here’s how. 

You get to take over a distressed mortgage debt with a note investment and set up a more workable repayment strategy for a defaulted borrower. It could allow greater flexibility for them to potentially repay their debt and regain ownership of their homes. 

This is why we call notes social investment. You don’t just stand to earn a steady, above-average return. You get to make a meaningful impact on the lives of a family that could have otherwise run into severe hardship with little hope of ever recovering. 

We’re talking about driving positive social change one family at a time. Now, that’s something most traditional investment products find hard to match! 

Find out how you can invest in mortgage notes by visiting 7einvestments.com and listening to our podcast

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