A Socially Responsible Way to Invest! 

May 20, 2022

Lauren Wells



Did you know that mortgage notes are a viable investment strategy for socially conscious investors? 

It’s one of the main reasons we got into mortgage note investing and why we help investors like you to make it a meaningful part of your investment portfolio. 

Unlike most other investment strategies, mortgage notes are not always about investor profits. It allows you to make a social impact while possibly earning a profit with your hard-earned money. 

Now, why do we say that? Because with mortgage notes, you’re investing in distressed debt. It’s a situation where the borrower is on the verge of losing their property. Foreclosure is a highly stressful experience for any homeowner. They could potentially lose their homes—no doubt, a traumatic encounter for their entire family. 

When you invest in mortgage notes, you’re essentially purchasing the distressed debt from the bank, which could have otherwise taken over the property in foreclosure. You have the option to set up a restructured payment plan that helps the borrower repay their debt. 

If approved, this gives borrowers a second chance to meet their debt obligations with a repayment solution that matches their current circumstances. In other words, you’re providing them with another opportunity to keep their property. 

In return, you could receive steady interest income for your investment. 

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