A Social Investment for Responsible Investors

May 17, 2022

Lauren Wells



Mortgage note investing can be a socially responsible investment strategy for those looking for an alternative investment strategy.

ANNANDALE, Va. ─ For socially conscious investors, Virginia-based 7E Investments offers mortgage note investing as an alternative to extend the impact of their investment choices beyond profit.

“Investors are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the social impact of their hard-earned money. As a result, there has been growing pressure on investment firms, corporations and governments to reevaluate the effects of their activities on local communities and society as a whole. This level of influencing power was often limited to high-net-worth investors with substantial assets. Now, mortgage note investments provide even new and small-scale investors with the option to make an impact through responsible choices,” said Founder of 7E Investments Christopher Seveney.

Mortgage note investing involves purchasing distressed debt from banks and having the option to set up restructured repayment plans based upon borrower qualification. If approved, borrowers are able to access more achievable terms that match their current financial circumstances. This allows them a second opportunity to meet their debt obligations.

“At 7E Investments, we deeply care about our social impact and so do our investors. Note investments give us the ability to make a positive difference within our communities.”  Seveney explained.

The growing focus on social investments has made mortgage note investing a unique strategy for investors seeking responsible solutions to potentially grow their wealth.

For more information about mortgage note investing, visit 7einvestments.com or listen to their podcast.

About 7E Investments ─ 7E Investments is a Virginia-based private real estate investment firm. The company is a mortgage note investment firm that has managed a portfolio of over 500 performing and non-performing assets valued at more than $75 million. The firm specializes in providing custom active and passive investment options for investors. 7E Investments has built a team of professionals across all major markets, allowing their clients to invest from anywhere across the U.S.  To learn more, visit 7einvestments.com or listen to their podcast.

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