Top US Real Estate Investment Companies

by | Nov 2, 2023 | blog

Real estate remains one of the most innovative investment sectors in the US. There are countless types of investment opportunities in the property market and equally in measure are the companies and investors looking to benefit from the $113.6 trillion market. Data shows that the market is still expanding and is projected to be worth about $142 trillion by 2028.

Why are these companies important to you as a real estate investor? Unless you have the financial muscle to go at it by yourself, most investment strategies and funds are managed by these companies. Entrusting your money with a reputable real estate investment firm can mean the difference between seeing a substantial increase in your net worth and grappling with dwindling returns.

After identifying the type of investment you want to pursue, your next challenge is finding the right partner to walk with on your investment journey. These are some of the best real estate investment companies in the United States today and what they specialize in.

7 Real Estate Investment Companies in The US

Real Estate Investment Companies in The US

It is encouraged to further investigate each firm prior to investing to ensure the company’s goals, processes, and potential outcomes align with your own desired outcomes. Consult with a financial advisor prior to investing to better understand what each company listed below has to offer.  

CWS Investments: Mortgage Note Fund

Like most alternative real estate investments, mortgage notes help investors put their money into property without the responsibilities of owning them. This makes it an attractive proposition for those seeking passive income and zero property management responsibilities. You invest with CWS by putting your investment capital into a fund whose strategy is to ‘fix and flip” mortgage notes. They do this by purchasing distressed mortgage notes at a discount(typically 30-60%), rehabbing the borrower to increase the value of the note and then selling it back on the secondary market for a profit. 

CWS Investments offers a distinct investor-focused approach. Their core strength lies in their diligent assessment process which ensures that the property, the borrower, and the note itself are thoroughly scrutinized before the note is purchased at a discount. The portfolio of promissory notes spans across 40 US markets. This diversification spreads the risk and can shield the fund from local market volatilities and unexpected local events that may affect the investment structure. CWS Investments aims to provide investors with an 8 – 10% annualized return on their investment. Returns are distributed monthly as dividends. Would you like more information on how to invest in the fund? Speak with a member of our team today!.

Prologis: Industrial and Logistics Real Estate

Prologis stands out as a leader when it comes to industrial and logistics real estate. Established in 1983, they’ve built a reputation for managing, owning, and developing high-quality assets worldwide.

Their primary focus lies in the domain of logistics facilities. With an AUM of over $196 billion, they have a global presence across 19 countries. They serve a roster of customers, from e-commerce giants to regional distributors.

American Tower Corporation: Cell Towers and Communication Infrastructure

American Tower Corporation began in 1995 and has since become a pivotal player in the realm of communication infrastructure. Unlike traditional real estate investment trusts, American Tower’s focus isn’t on buildings or land but rather on the cell towers that facilitate our digital communications.

With a valuation surpassing $82.93 billion, they own over 226,000 communication sites. These structures play a critical role in facilitating the global telecom network, an industry seeing exponential growth. Media channels frequently discuss American Tower’s role in expanding 5G networks and their investments in emerging markets, ensuring they remain at the forefront of communication technology developments.

Equity Residential: Multi-family Residential Properties

Equity Residential has carved its niche in the realm of apartment buildings. Established in 1969 by Sam Zell, this company quickly grew its footprint across major U.S. cities. As one of the largest publicly traded equity REITs, their primary focus is on acquiring, developing, and managing apartment properties.

Boasting an impressive valuation of $23.67 billion in 2023, their portfolio is diversified across urban and high-density suburban markets. If you’re an investor seeking to finance real estate, especially in the residential sector, Equity Residential should be on your radar.

Boston Properties: Prime Commercial Real Estate

For those looking to invest money in top-tier commercial spaces, Boston Properties is a name you may encounter. Founded in 1970, this company has a reputation for owning and managing some of the most coveted commercial properties across the U.S.

With a valuation exceeding $10 billion, Boston Properties emphasizes select urban markets, primarily focusing on office spaces. Their investments resonate with individual investors seeking to earn income through passive real estate assets.

Public Storage: Self-storage Facilities

In the world of self-storage facilities, Public Storage is arguably the most recognizable name. Since its inception in 1972, it has tapped into the increasing demand for storage solutions, evolving into one of the largest of its kind globally.

Public Storage is worth about $48.20 billion. It offers individual REITs in the storage sector, making it easier for individual investors to purchase shares and benefit from the growing demand. Their self-storage facilities, ranging from small lockers to large spaces, cater to diverse client needs.

Healthpeak Properties (Formerly HCP, Inc.): Diverse Healthcare REITs

Originally named HCP, Inc., Healthpeak Properties has been instrumental in diversifying healthcare REIT investments since its founding in 1985. Their focus encompasses life science, senior housing, and medical office buildings.

With assets worth over $20 billion, Healthpeak’s strategy has been to invest in areas of healthcare that show robust growth prospects. By diversifying across multiple healthcare segments, they aim to deliver consistent value to their investors.

Talk to CWS Investments about High-Yield Investment Returns

Talk to Seveney Mortgage Note Investments About Real Estate Investing

CWS Investments stands out as a partner in alternative real estate investing. We have a team of professionals that spans major US markets. You can invest in our mortgage note fund from anywhere in the United States. Leading the CWS team is Chris Seveney, a seasoned professional in real estate investments with over 25 years of hands-on experience.

Our mortgage note fund aims to generate 8 – 10% annualized return on your investment with dividends paid monthly. We have a simplified investment structure that is also tax-efficient. The returns realized by our partner investors are designed as dividends. This means that they may be taxed at a lower rate than traditional income or interest. With CWS Investments, you get to keep a larger amount of your investment returns. Would you like to learn more about our fund? Speak with a member of the CWS Investments team today!