The Magic You’re Looking For is in the Work You’re Avoiding

by | Jun 18, 2024 | blog

As I sit on my porch, reflecting on a conversation I had with my wife, and scrolling Tiktok, I’m struck by a realization that might resonate with many of you.

This video appeared:

The Magic You Are Looking For – Chris Williamson #lookingformagic #sea… | TikTok

This for some reason hit me. Why? Despite my disciplined approach to managing work and family, I have a significant amount of money just sitting in a savings account, earning next to nothing. On top of that, there’s another sum languishing in a self-directed IRA, idling on the sidelines.

My excuse? “I don’t have the time to invest it—I’m too busy with work, family, and managing other responsibilities.”

But let’s be honest—I need to call myself out. The reality is, I haven’t made it a priority. As a zero-inbox person who’s highly task-oriented, the truth is that I simply haven’t created a task for it. Sometimes, the magic we’re looking for is in the very work we’re avoiding.

This brings me to an important point: avoiding tasks that seem daunting or time-consuming often leads to missed opportunities. In the realm of investing, this procrastination can be particularly costly. We tell ourselves we’re too busy, but the real issue is a lack of prioritization.

So, what’s my action plan to turn this around?

  1. Block Out 1 Hour: Dedicate an uninterrupted hour this week to focus solely on my investments. This is non-negotiable and will be treated with the same importance as a key meeting or family event.
  2. Assess Needs: Determine whether I need liquid or illiquid investments. For my readily accessible cash, I prefer liquidity. This means my first step will be to open an account that offers a competitive return, such as 5% in a liquid account.
  3. Research Alternatives: For the funds in my self-directed IRA, I will explore alternative investment opportunities. Since I cannot invest my SDIRA in my own fund, I am doing some due diligence on other funds that may offer 8-10%+ returns, but less liquid.
  4. Align with My Style: My investment style is low-risk and boring —akin to being at the water park and spending the day on the lazy river and not on a waterslide that has a straight drop. This alignment will ensure that my investments not only grow but do so in a manner that aligns with my risk tolerance and long-term goals.

By taking these steps, I’m committed to making my money work as hard as I do. It’s time to move past excuses and take deliberate action.

For those of you in a similar situation, I encourage you to reflect on the work you might be avoiding. Often, the very task that feels like a burden holds the key to unlocking new opportunities and growth. Let’s make a pact to prioritize our financial health with the same vigor we apply to other areas of our lives.