The Morning Drive Episode 17

March 3, 2019

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Note Investing

Good morning everybody, Chris Seveney with 7E investments and co-host of the good deeds note investing podcast. I took a few days off with the holidays from note investing. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy holiday today. I wanted to discuss custodians for self-directed IRA companies. Over the past few weeks, I have been working with several custodians on some deals. I have found that not all are the same. Some are much better at paperwork than others, and some have a consistent theme where they can turn around and fund things pretty quickly where others are just extremely slow. As you may know, they can have expedited fees to expedite matters, but that may reduce the time from a few weeks to a week or two which for some they’ll still say, oh, we’ll get it within 24, 48 hours.

Note Investing

SDIRA Companies

However, what I’m curious is, what’s your feedback, I would love a discussion on who’s the good, the bad, the ugly for a self-directed IRA, trust custodians, whatever you want to call them. I am also curious to see what your feedback has been working with some of these firms. I know many people use quest trust, formerly quest IRA. Uh, I’ve had good luck with them.

I would say I wasn’t going to name it by, well the other one, uh, equity trust. They’ve typically been a thorn in my side. I know others have felt that way as well. So I’m just curious in regards to customer service fees accounts, uh, share a little post a blog a so people can only get a feel for the likes and dislikes for all of these. So leave some feedback. Thanks for watching it. Moreover, stay tuned for the next episode of the morning drive. Thanks and have a good day.

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