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December 31, 2019



Happy New Year! As we approach 2020, we remind you why you should invest in real estate and note investing, we have a great deal on a note in Illinois, a useful tip for those listing properties and information on the launch of our 2nd note investing fund. — ENJOY

Note Investing Market Insight
Why invest in real estate
Every year some of us scratch our head on why we invest in real estate. I saw this infographic and thought it was a helpful reminder to all as to why we invest in real estate. It is also a great tool for your marketing or pitch deck.
Note Investing Deal Of The Week
Check out our deal of the week below!
Rockford Illinois Note Deal
This week's deal of the week is note in Rockford, IL. This non performing note is currently in legal and the borrower does occupy the property. Buy it now for $5,000.
UPB: $66,000
FMV: $20,000
P&I: $575.00
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Note Investing Note & Bolt Of The Week
Do you struggle with finding qualified real estate agents with your REO's. This has been a constant struggle for my business and lately getting an agent to return an email or call was even difficult. What I discovered was now on zillow you can click on the profile of agents in an area and many have a facebook page. I have had great success contacting realtors and getting properties listed quickly through Facebook.
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Note Investing Noteworthy Events
Note Investing Fund
We recently opened our 2nd Note Investing Fund for accredited investors offering a 10% preferred return with a $25,000 minimum investment. To learn more about the offering click on the link below.
Thank you for your continued interest in our investments!
Note investing fund

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