Knocking it All Down To Start Over

by | Jun 25, 2024 | blog

Last time, I talked about investing in Worldcom, which was a complete disaster and failure. Today, let’s dive into another personal journey – today we will talk about what launched my investing and entrepreneurial career.

It began with a dream in real estate: to build my own home.

In 2008, I moved from Massachusetts to Virginia. I had owned three homes before, but they were all sold, and it was time for a fresh start.

Life was resetting, both professionally and personally.

My wife, ever the supportive, agreed to build a new home after our son was born. We needed the space.

In 2012, we bought a beautiful lot with an older house on it—destined for demolition.

Older House

This was the home we purchased

“Impossible,” they said. But as budding entrepreneurs, “impossible” is a word we hear often and laugh at.

During the home inspection, the inspector doubted our plans. He used the old adage “if I had a dollar every time someone told me they were building a new home”…. I provided my own witty response and told him, “Well we have a dollar for every time someone told us we could not do something, so that is how we are able to build a new home”.

You may be wondering where I am going with this and why share this? Because making something “yours” makes a difference. Whether it is launching a new business, building a home or starting a family, it’s terrifying but transformative.

Build a new home

Knocking down a home is pretty awesome!

This was not easy. Even though we had the skills, the drive and the grit. We still took a year to design our dream home. During that time, critics continued to call us crazy. We didn’t listen.

We didn’t just succeed; we finished ahead of schedule. Managing the build ourselves built more than a home—it launched our future.

Now I will share our Top 5 Keys to Success which I believe translate to any journey:

  1. Have a Dream and Chase It – Fuel your journey with a clear, passionate goal.
  2. Seek Support – Find someone who believes in your vision; it’s essential when times get tough.
  3. Meticulous Planning – Success is no accident. Plan thoroughly and adapt as needed.
  4. Ignore the Naysayers – Listen to those who uplift you and believe in your potential.
  5. Embrace Life – We only live once. Take calculated risks to make the most of it.

What will springboard you foward? Share your audacious goals that could propel your entrepreneurial journey or lead to greater financial freedom.

PS: If you want to see what we built, you will have to continue to read our upcoming newsletters. 🙂