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📣 Winter Update: Cozy Investment Insights! ❄️

We’re here to share some updates on a recent loan performance

As winter blankets the world outside, we’re here to share some updates on a recent loan performance, keeping you snug and informed in this chilly season.

Loan Highlights:

  • Total Balance: $78,821.00
  • Acquisition Price: $34,000.00
  • Property Value: $341,000.00
  • Status: Performing, but Behind
  • Original Unpaid Principal Balance: $45,131
  • New Unpaid Principal Balance: $79,590

Recent Moves:

  • Borrower Contribution: In January 2024, the borrower paid $3,000.
  • Winter Adjustments: Their monthly payments increased by $150 to address the balance.
  • Looking Ahead: In six months, a loan modification will integrate past-due interest payments, increasing the loan’s value.

Our Actions: Just as we layer up for winter, we’ve been proactive in managing this loan, ensuring its resilience and your peace of mind.

As the snow falls outside, we extend our warmest wishes to you and yours. Stay cozy and stay connected!