Deal of the Week

Treasure of Investment Opportunities

We are thrilled to share our latest treasure of investment opportunities: a shining Diamond in the Rough!

This week, we bring you a deal that exemplifies resilience, potential, and promising returns.​

Here are the sparkling details:​

🔷 Loan Balance at Purchase: $66,000​
🔷 Acquisition Price: $48,500
🔷 Property Value: $350,000​
🔷 Actions Taken: After purchasing this asset in May 2023, our servicer encountered difficulties reaching the borrower, prompting us to take swift action. A demand letter was sent in June, marking the beginning of a transformative process. The borrower came to the table to work something out – what we do best at 7e.​

Outcome: As of February 2024, the borrower has demonstrated commitment by making payments totaling $9,125, which accounts for 19% of the acquisition price within just over eight months.​
But here’s where the true sparkle lies: The borrower has pledged to make double payments every month until they are fully current. This dedication reflects a genuine desire to honor their commitment and restore the radiance of this precious asset.

💎 Amidst the challenges, this asset stands as a testament to the win-win solutions we champion at 7e. Like a diamond in the rough, it possesses untapped potential waiting to be unveiled.​
Looking forward to sharing more insights into our portfolio! If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out!