Deal of the Week

Success Story

In our latest ‘Deal of the Week‘, CWS Investments proudly present a success story that underscores our commitment to proactive problem-solving and fostering relationships.

Acquiring a loan with a purchase price of $48,500 (acquired at a 24% discount) in June 2023 from a new broker and seller, we demonstrated our dedication to expanding and solidifying partnerships. The borrower, who was a year and a half behind on payments, posed a significant challenge. However, through the strategic implementation of a Demand Letter, we successfully brought the borrower to the negotiation table.

Collaborating with our trusted servicing company, we created a tailored repayment plan. With the borrower initially $6,936.44 behind in payments, the journey toward financial recovery commenced with a $818 payment on 7/14/23. Subsequently, a $3,000 payment was made on 8/18, followed by consistent $1,000 payments every two weeks, and is paving the way for full reinstatement by the end of the year. We will have collected over $10,000 on the loan by the end of the year and will continue to hold the loan for 6-12 months for “seasoning” to maximize its value before selling back to the market for a profit.

This deal not only showcases our asset management teams financial acumen but also highlights our dedication to helping borrowers overcome challenges and achieve their financial goals.

Passive Income Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Mortgage Note Investing

On Wednesday, we introduced our FREE Masterclass, “The Ultimate Guide to Mortgage Note Investing,” featuring insights from Chris Seveney and Lauren Wells.

If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, now’s the perfect time! In this masterclass, we delve into the basics of mortgage note investing, our CWS business model, and how we aim to help our investors earn 8-10% annually with monthly dividends.