Deal of the Week

Spring Edition

At 7e Investments, we’re excited to bring you our latest Deal of the Week.

🌅 As spring unfolds and the days grow longer, we hope you’re enjoying the renewed energy and optimism that come with the season. At 7e Investments, we’re excited to bring you our latest Deal of the Week, tailored to help you make the most of this time of growth and opportunity.

🤝🏼 Spring signifies a time of transition and renewal, and we’re here to support you as you navigate your investment journey. With our Deal of the Week, you’ll have the chance to explore one of our semi-performing assets where we were able to unlock lucrative returns that align with the spirit of the season. Here is how this assets story unfolded:

🌱 Property Details:

  • Total Amount Owed: $123,699
  • Past Due Amount: $0
  • Acquisition Price: $80,000
  • Property Value: $500,000
  • Semi-Performing at Purchase

🌸 Actions:

In August 2022, we acquired this note backed by an aesthetically pleasing property. Because the borrower was making inconsistent payments, we were able to purchase this asset at a non-performing price. The borrower embarked on renovations and listed the property for sale. Despite these efforts, the property struggled to attract buyers. However, our team had modeled this asset at acquisition to achieve our targeted returns if the property sold within 48 months, giving us time to allow the property to sell.

🌷 Outcome:

In April 2023, the borrower successfully sold the property, promptly paying off the loan and rewarding our strategic approach. This success story underscores our commitment to maximizing returns for our investors while fostering mutually beneficial solutions with borrowers. With a profit of $44,246 and an impressive IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of 81%. This Deal of the Week exemplifies our dedication to delivering exceptional results.

☀️ As you embrace the warmer weather and the sense of possibility that spring brings, we invite you to consider how our Deals of the Week can help you cultivate financial growth and stability. Reach out to our team today to learn more and seize the opportunities that await.

Wishing you a rewarding spring season ahead!