Deal of the Week

Non Performing Loan

Exciting ‘Deal of the Week’ from the CWS acquisitions team!

We’ve recently closed on a strategic acquisition – a non-performing loan in Louisiana. Wondering why this particular loan caught our attention? Let’s break it down:

🏡 First Position Mortgage: With a loan balance of approximately $450,000, it falls within our preferred buy box, aligning with our investment criteria.

📉 Low LTV Ratio: The property’s value exceeding $1 million results in an LTV under 50%, showcasing a conservative risk profile and aligning with our risk mitigation strategy.

🤝 Willing Collaboration: According to servicing comments, the borrowers are willing to collaborate with the lender, indicating potential for resolution and cooperation, such as a property sale or loan modification.

🏠 Non-Distressed Property: Notably, the property is recently renovated and not distressed, minimizing the immediate need for extensive property improvements.

Proforma Viability: Whether through loan modification or foreclosure, our proforma indicates viability, showcasing our strategic approach and preparedness for various scenarios.

📉 Acquired at a Discount: Securing the asset at a discount is a savvy move, providing a safety margin and enhancing potential returns.

🚀 This acquisition reflects our commitment to smart investing, risk management, and strategic planning. We’re thrilled to share this new addition to our portfolio!