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Financial Challenges

Navigating Financial Challenges

Our expertise in navigating financial challenges

This week at 7e Investments, we’re thrilled to share a success story that not only demonstrates our expertise in navigating financial challenges like bankruptcies, but also underscores our commitment to achieving substantial returns for our investors. Let’s explore the details of our latest “Deal of the Week.”

Investment Overview:

  • Property Value: $106,400
  • Total Amount Owed: $13,863
  • Past Due Amount: $7,030
  • Acquisition Price: $3,000
  • Full Payoff Amount: $13,863 in January 2023
  • Total Profit: $8,910

The Challenge:

Acquired in October 2022 as part of a larger pool of assets, this non-performing note was entangled in bankruptcy, with the borrower having ceased payments to the trustee since July 2022. Our team faced the challenge head-on, navigating through the complexities of bankruptcy proceedings.

Strategic Solution:

We filed a Motion for Relief (MFR) from bankruptcy to move forward collecting on the loan. A MFR would allow us to remove the loan from bankruptcy and continue with the legal process if the borrower continued to refuse payment. Filing the MFR prompted the borrower to take their debt seriously and they subsequently found a way to settle their obligations by paying off the loan in full through the bankruptcy process.

Performance and Outcome:

In January 2023, the borrower settled the loan for the full amount owed. From an initial investment of $3,000, this strategic approach resulted in a robust profit of $8,910, illustrating our team’s ability to manage and capitalize during a challenging situation.

Why This Matters:

This transaction showcases our commitment to navigating through and capitalizing on complex investment scenarios, prioritizing significant returns for our investors.

We hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Thank you for your continued trust in 7e Investments. We look forward to achieving more together.