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Mastering Investments: A Hole in One

We’re here to share our own story of precision, strategy, and success.

🏌️ As the golf world turned to the Masters Tournament, we’re here to share our own story of precision, strategy, and success. This week, we spotlight a standout investment deal that mirrors the skill and finesse seen on the greens of Augusta.

🏡 Asset Overview:

Total Amount Owed: $53,650
Past Due Amount: $1,944
Acquisition Price: $34,000
Property Value: $80,551
Status at Purchase: Semi-Performing

⛳ Navigating the Fairway:

Acquired in October 2022, this property resembled a tricky par 4: challenging but ripe with opportunity. The borrower, although three months behind, was still in the game and just needed a strategic nudge to get back on course.

👏 Strategic Play:

In June 2023, similar to a calculated drive from the tee, we engaged legal intervention to ensure the borrower understood the stakes. The result? In August, the borrower came through with an upfront payment covering three months and committed to a $1,000 monthly payment plan, significantly over par, to rapidly reduce their arrearage balance.

🦅 Achieving Mastery:

From August 2023 to March 2024, the borrower’s payments were as steady as a seasoned golfer’s putt, leading to a full reinstatement of the loan by March 2024. This strategy has thus far returned $14,328, a true eagle in our investment game.

🏅 Continuing the Momentum:

Like any skilled golfer on the Masters’ final day, our focus remains sharp, and our strategies meticulous. We invite you to learn more about how we navigate these investment courses and how our asset management team secures wins!