Deal of the Week

Investment Playbook

As we gear up for the much-anticipated Super Bowl tomorrow, we’re thrilled to bring you the latest highlights from our investment playbook. 🏈

Join us as we celebrate this exciting weekend with financial victories! Take a look at this weeks score, highlighted by our Deal of the Week: πŸ†

Total Balance: $42,591.00
Current Value: $652,000.00

Actions Taken:​

  • Purchase Price: $32,500.00​
    In April 2023, we boldly acquired this loan as part of our investment strategy, mirroring the fearless spirit of championship contenders. 😀
  • Borrower Engagement: Just like the intensity on the field, our borrower faced challenges, ceasing payments in July 2023. However, we met this challenge head-on.
  • Legal Intervention: Deploying our playbook, we initiated legal proceedings, setting a foreclosure sale date for December 2023 to tackle the borrower’s delinquency. πŸ“•β€‹


Similar to an incredible halftime show surprise, the borrower turned the tables. In November, they secured $8,000 from their state Housing Assistance Program, fully reinstating the loan. πŸ•ΊπŸ½β€‹

Current Status:

With the resilience of championship teams, our borrower has returned to regular payments, now standing strong and current on their loan. ​ As we revel in the excitement of the Super Bowl weekend, we’re reminded that every successful play requires strategy, determination, and teamwork. πŸ€πŸΌβ€‹

Thank you for being part of our winning team in the Deal of the Week campaign. For any inquiries or to join in our victory dance, don’t hesitate to reach out! πŸ₯‡β€‹

Touchdowns and passive income await, hope you have a great weekend.​