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Draft Day Success: 7e Scores Big

Marking new beginnings and strategic selections for teams across various leagues.

🏈 As sports fans celebrate Draft Day, marking new beginnings and strategic selections for teams across various leagues, we at 7e Investments draw a parallel to our own method of scouting and acquiring valuable assets. Just like a top draft pick can change the course of a team, the right investment can significantly enhance a portfolio. This week, we are excited to share a recent triumph that highlights our systematic approach and winning results through mortgage note investing.

⛹🏻‍♀️ Investment Highlights:

Property Value: $72,825
Total Amount Owed: $59,820
Past Due Amount: $15,563
Acquisition Price: $30,000

🏀 The Story:

In October 2022, we identified and acquired a note – similar to how a team scouts and drafts a promising athlete. Although this loan had previous injuries, $15,563 in past due charges, the borrower was consistently making payments. Recognizing the stability in the borrower’s current payment, we opted for a proactive strategy. Rather than holding the note long-term, we decided the best move was to prepare and position the loan for a profitable sale. This approach mirrored a tactical play in sports where maximizing value at the right time is key to success.

🏟️ Performance and Outcome:

By managing the loan efficiently and enhancing its value, we were able to sell it for $32,620 in February 2024. This not only provided us with a profit of $7,627 but also minimized risks associated with longer holding periods. This sale showcases our team’s capability to execute timely and calculated exits, ensuring optimal returns for our investors, much like a sports team capitalizing on a player’s peak value at the right moment.

🏆 Why This Matters:

This approach demonstrates our commitment to not just acquiring assets (“draft picks”, if you will) but also managing them with an acute, deliberate focus, aimed at maximizing returns. Our ability to adapt and execute tailored strategies per asset ensures we can continue to build a winning portfolio that delivers tangible results.

🤝🏼 We’re proud to share these results with you as we continue to look for new “players” to add to our investment roster.