Deal of the Week

CWS Investments

This past week has been a busy week for CWS Investments Inc on the acquisition front.

7e just provided a $4.5M short term bridge loan for this $15M luxury property located in an exclusive area of Miami, FL. The borrower, an experienced real estate owner/operator has significant experience in luxury properties. The loan is collateralized by the property and the personal guarantee of the borrowers and their businesses.

Securing an asset tied to the borrower’s business and primary property as collateral represents a strategic and prudent move within the mortgage note investing industry. It offers a twofold advantage for CWS Investments Inc. Firstly, this collateralization strategy enhances the level of risk mitigation. By tethering the loan to both the luxury property and the borrower’s core assets, we establish a robust safety net in the event of unforeseen challenges. This not only safeguards our investment but also instills confidence in our investors, showcasing our commitment to their financial security.

Secondly, linking the loan to the borrower’s personal guarantee and their core business assets adds an extra layer of commitment and accountability. It aligns the borrower’s interests with the success of the investment, as they have a substantial stake in the game. This approach underscores our dedication to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and incentivizing borrowers to uphold their financial obligations promptly and responsibly. In essence, securing collateral connected to both the property and the borrower’s business not only safeguards our investments but also cultivates a collaborative environment that promotes sound financial practices in the mortgage note investing industry.