Deal of the Week

Can You Believe it’s March… it’s MADNESS!

🏀 Are you ready to experience the excitement of March Madness in the world of mortgage note investments?

Just like your favorite college basketball team, our Deal of the Week is gearing up to be a champion in the investment arena!

⛹🏻‍♀️ Winning stats of our latest deal:

  • Balance at Acquisition: $20,000
  • Acquisition Price: $9,000
  • Value: $225,000
  • XIRR: 159%

🏆 Actions Taken:

  • Purchased in October 2022
  • Contacted borrower
  • Borrower requested assistance with Home Assistance Fund Program (HAF)

🥇 Outcome:

  • We assisted the borrower in obtaining Homeowner Assistance Funds funds
  • To date, we have received over $11,000 ($2,000 more than the original investment)
  • Loan turned performing and was sold for $12,000

💎 Just like a Cinderella team rising to the top, this deal showcases our ability to turn mortgage notes into blow-out investments!

🤩 Which team are you rooting for in March Madness? Just as you’re passionate about your favorite team winning the championship, we’re passionate about helping our investors win big with our mortgage note fund.

👏🏼 Let’s make this March Madness a slam dunk for your