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Asset Spotlight: Racing to Success

Asset Spotlight: Racing to Success

We’re excited to bring you our own champion from the investment track.

As the thrill of the Kentucky Derby captivates fans around the world, we’re excited to bring you our own champion from the investment track — this week’s standout asset from our portfolio that showcases our team’s strategic acumen in navigating complex deals.

Asset Spotlight: Racing to Success

Asset Details:

  • Total Amount Owed: $43,190
  • Acquisition Price: $27,000
  • Property Value: $76,500
  • Status at Purchase: Semi-Performing

Navigating the Challenge

Acquiring this semi-performing note in October 2022, this asset initially appeared as a long shot. Much like a skilled jockey, our asset management team recognized the need to take the reins firmly. With the borrower lagging three months behind, our proactive measures prevented a potential loss to tax sale by advancing the necessary funds—ensuring our investment was protected from falling too far behind.

Strategic Intervention Leads to Victory

Embracing the spirit of the Derby’s tactical races, we negotiated a winning game plan. The borrower agreed to make three substantial additional payments of $2,032 each, on top of their regular monthly payment. This strategic move, executed with the precision of a Derby-winning ride, not only brought the borrower current by August 2023 but also ensured they continued to make on-time payments thereafter.

A Profitable Finish

Our race ended in a triumphant finish in November 2023, with the borrower paying off their loan, resulting in a profit of $15,384. The results affirm our strategic approach to negotiate win-win solutions with borrowers.

Join Our Winner’s Circle

This success story is just one example of how our targeted actions transform potential setbacks into lucrative opportunities, showcasing our commitment to excellence. We are committed to finding and managing investment opportunities that aim to be front runners. Stay tuned as we continue to race ahead, identifying more winning opportunities in the market.

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Thank you for your trust in us to lead the field.