Deal of the Week

7e Investments Scores Big in Financial Playoffs!

Get ready to witness financial touchdowns.

🏈 This is not the NFL but get ready to witness financial touchdowns as 7e Investments navigates the investment field during these playoff-worthy moments!

🤝🏼 Just like a seasoned quarterback, we made a strategic move by acquiring a performing loan from a note investor’s IRA for $23,000 in August 2022.

The play continued as we smoothly converted it from a CFD to a note & mortgage by September of 2022, setting the stage for a winning season.

🏟️ Our borrower started strong, paying on time until early 2023, but every championship team faces challenges. In March 2023, we sent a Demand Letter, mirroring the intensity of a playoff match. In an epic comeback story, the borrower reinstated in April 2023, proving that in finance, resilience is key.

🤩 As the NFL playoffs heat up, so did our journey. In October 2023, we faced another showdown, engaging legal support. The plot thickened, but our borrower came through with a full reinstatement in November 2023, securing a place in the financial playoffs.

🏆 Now, with the playoffs in full swing, we’re poised for victory. We eagerly anticipate selling this loan once the borrower achieves a winning streak of timely payments, delivering a stellar Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

🏉 Join us in the financial huddle as we gear up for more touchdowns and triumphs. Your investment playbook just got a whole lot more thrilling!

The Stats:

  • Purchase Price: $23,000
  • We purchased this Performing loan as a one-off in August 2022 from a note investor’s IRA and immediately converted it from a CFD to a note & mortgage in September 2022.
  • Borrower paid on time until early 2023, at which point we sent a Demand Letter in March 2023, and the borrower reinstated in April 2023.
  • Borrower fell behind once again, leading us to engage legal support in October 2023, and they fully reinstated in November 2023.
  • Once the borrower makes several timely payments, we will sell this loan to yield a good Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for the fund.