When you invest in 7e Investments, you are investing in a dedicated and experienced team, ready to individually assess the quality of every mortgage note we chose to add to our portfolio.

With owner-occupied mortgages across the U.S. valued at over $16 trillion dollars, the massive size of this market leaves 7e, with our niche focus, with a great deal of flexibility in deciding which mortgage notes to add to our portfolio and which to avoid. We are barely scratching the surface of this massive marketplace.
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With investments across 42 states, your investment is an investment in a diversified portfolio. Our investments are driven by our double-bottom linekeeping struggling borrowers in their homes while delivering an 8% annualized return to our investors. 
Sometimes, some help is all that borrowers need to begin building generational wealth for their families. By purchasing non-performing mortgage notes at a steep discount (40-50%), we are able to renegotiate the note with the homeowner on a manageable payment schedule, which takes into account the homeowner’s individual financial circumstances and the health of their property. 
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If our research points to the family’s positive ability to start payments again at a renegotiated rate, we will buy their mortgage at a steep discount. Our repeatable and scalable process guides us to which borrowers have a high probability of getting on track and which are most likely gaming the system and should be avoided. 
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