Q&A from the Webinar:

Q. How do withdrawals/redemptions work on the invested capital?

A. There is a 4 year lock up period. If the investor wants to redeem early, there are penalties depending on timing. The investor would let us know, and we would get them the paperwork needed in order to redeem.


Q. Have you been returning the dividend as stated since the fund started?

A. Yes, we have paid every dividend since launching this fund — however, past performance is not an indicator of future success.


Q. Any insight into fees on this offering? (e.g. OER or equivalent)

A. We do not have any management fees for this offering.


Q. What states do you focus on?

A. We buy in most states in the US but try to stay away from states like CA, NY, and non-judicial states.


Q. How often are bonus shares given?

A. As long as there are bonus shares available, we are offering them.


Q. Is this 7E’s first offering or have you had other offerings in the past?

A. Chris has had 5 other funds before this fund, and those funds never lost an investor’s principle and never missed a dividend. However, past performance is not an indicator of future success.


Q. Are property notes purchased in flooding or fire hazard areas?

A. No but we also have insurance on properties that covers flood, fire, etc.


Q. Can I invest via an LLC?

A. Yes! Choose “Entity” on the investment flow and put the LLC name there.


Q. How many total properties will this invest in, and how many total investors are allowed?

A. Right now we have 104 AUM. We have 300+ investors and can raise up to $75M.

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