When you invest your money in 7e investments, you are aiming for an 8% annualized dividend, distributed monthly

7e invests across under- to non-performing mortgage notes (hundreds to thousands of them), secured by homes and properties.
Because your investment is in so many different mortgage notes, it is by definition, diversified. Further, we increase diversification by limiting our investments per zip code and spreading them across geographies, providing further risk reduction. We purchase each mortgage note at a steep discount (40-50%) and if worst comes to worst, we handle foreclosure and sale of the property ourselves, often at a profit. However, foreclosure is what we are working so hard to avoid.
While we are purchasing under- to non-performing mortgage notes, you are investing in the overall portfolio, not just one or several. Our investment process insures that we are extremely selective about the notes we chose, carefully evaluating the borrower’s individual circumstances to determine if we believe they can get back on track. People that have undergone a temporary hardship, loss of a job or a loved one, with our help, could potentially stay in their homes. Part of what we do is negotiate a new and more reasonable payment plan based on our reduced purchase price of the note, fulfilling our need for higher than bank returns for us and our investors. 
We give each and every borrower individual attention to best evaluate their circumstances. With a $75 million targeted raise, we are barely scratching the surface of the distressed loan asset class which is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. We can afford to be extremely choosy about the mortgage notes we invest in, building a diversified portfolio with the notes we believe to offer the best potential for enhanced returns.
Based on our 25 year background in real estate as well as real estate development, we have been able to learn how to select which mortgage notes to purchase, and which ones to walk away from and not purchase. Of course we do not guarantee returns, but we have not experienced a single default in 2022.
7e’s preferred rate of return is 8% annualized(distributed monthly), a return we are able to achieve through careful investments, transparency, and honesty. 
To invest now and lock-in September’s dividend, or simply to learn more, please visit our offering page. Here you can also read our SEC-qualified offering circular
Email us at invest@7einvestments.com to ask questions or to set up a phone call with one of our team members who are glad to walk you through our website investment process.