There are T-Minus FOUR DAYS to invest to receive your first monthly distribution on February 1st!

Are you interested in a double bottom line? Receiving monthly income from real estate while helping struggling families stay in their homes during this brutal winter? 
Invest now in 7e
Start off 2023 right by starting to receive monthly income from mortgage notes, planning for your retirement, and building wealth, all while giving struggling families a second chance to stay in, and eventually own, their homes. 
We aim to keep people in their homes while distributing 8% annually to our investors.
Thus far, we have not missed a single payment to our investors and there have been no foreclosures in our portfolio. 
We purchase notes at steep discounts (typically 40-60%), placing 7e in a position to negotiate more manageable payment terms for the homeowner. This means that families can potentially avoid eviction, own their home, and create their own long-term wealth. We aim to keep kids in their schools and keep neighborhoods whole by avoiding eviction and getting families back on track in their homes.
If you are ready to invest, please go to our offering page. For prospective investors who want to invest aided by one of our team members, please click here to schedule a time. You will speak with a member of our staff, never a call center!
On our offering page, you can read our SEC-qualified offering circular (or use this direct link).
As always, we welcome all questions you may have, just send us an email at invest@7einvestments.com. 
Feel free to check out our video introduction to mortgage note investing on our YouTube Channel–where there is lots of great content, and be sure to subscribe while you are there.