There are just six days left to invest to receive your first monthly distribution on December 1st.

For everyone who wants to hear specific case histories of families who have been able to overcome challenges, get back on track making all of their mortgage payments, and keep their homes, come hear it directly from Chris and Lauren.


7e’s structure help keep families in their homes, and provides a tax-advantaged structure for investors*.

Of course, everybody wants supplemental income for their monthly needs, everyone wants their investments to grow to continue to provide income for their families.

It is okay to want more.
Today, many of us want our investments to be impactful, and to receive more than financial dividends, we want to help others at the same time. Doing well by doing good.

How can we achieve both? 


Let’s talk about how our distributions are taxed and why
7e investments provides an investment opportunity that distributes dividends, while supporting struggling families during a time of rising prices for many everyday essentials.

By distributing dividends instead of interest-income, many investors are taxed at a lower (dividend) capital gains rate than typical interest income (think bonds and other interest income products). 

Distribution as dividends can make an enormous difference in your after-tax returns. Consider that, currently, the top ordinary Federal Income tax bracket is 37%. The top capital gains tax rate is just 20%. If you’re in the top income tax bracket—with income between $500,000 and $600,000 a year—you’d only get to keep 5.04% out of an 8% annual interest payment.

Make it a dividend payment, taxed at the top rate of 20%, and you earn 6.4% after taxes. Plus, with our bonus shares program, your investment could be boosted to over a 10% monthly distribution.

See the chart below to learn about the levels monthly distributions:

Note that this investment is good for self-directed IRAS and not subject to UBIT, please consult your tax professional for personalized advice.

Want to learn concretely how we keep struggling families in their homes? 

Join our webinarWednesday, November 9th 12:30PM EST / 9:30AM PST to hear Chris Seveney (President & Founder) and Lauren Wells (Vice President, Investor Relations) discuss two of many of our case histories where we have purchased a non-performing mortgage note, and turned it into a profitable investment whereby the borrower can stay in their home. Our focus is always on knowing which mortgage agreements have a high probability of getting back on track, and which to walk away from.


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*7e does not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax professional for personalized tax advice.