Our win-win for all year long–7e Investments’ process includes keeping struggling families in their homes, while distributing 8% annualized to our investors monthly. 

This is what we call our double-bottom line, our commitment to both investors AND borrowers! 
We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
As we enter this holiday season, with 7e, you can invest aiming for an 8% annualized return, distributed monthly, and a second chance to struggling families, many whom, possibly due to temporary hardship, have fallen behind on their mortgage and may be facing foreclosure, the loss of all they have invested, financially and emotionally, in that home.
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You may be asking yourself, “why would I risk investing in mortgage notes that are not performing?”. The answer is, it can be risky for the inexperienced or impatient portfolio manager. At 7e, our investment process emphasizes individual due diligence. This has produced remarkable success delivering an 8% annualized return to our investors, while keeping struggling families in their homes. Key to our risk management–Not every family qualifies. Essential to our process is creating a three-dimensional picture of our borrower’s context and financial situation. Often, borrowers stop making payments because of a temporary problem—a job loss, an illness, or the death of a spouse—and it takes thorough research of each situation and prospects to determine if they can get back on track. Our team’s experience in real estate and our strict diligence process tells us a lot about which borrowers are likely to get back on track, and which ones seem unlikely to resume making payments. Knowing which mortgage notes to avoid is as important as knowing which ones to purchase.
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If you are ready to invest or simply want to learn more, please visit our offering page. To schedule a call with one of our team members, click here. 
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