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7e’s investment process is a double bottom line, for Investors, and families, aiming to put borrowers on achievable payment plans while distributing high monthly returns. 
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7e purchases mortgage notes, many of them are non-performing, meaning the borrower has stopped paying. How do we do this, make money for our investors and our firm, all without kicking people out of their homes?
It’s a process.
When working with borrowers, 7e becomes the lender, having purchased the mortgage note at a 40-50% discount (we are skilled negotiators and are buying the note from a bank or mortgage lender), therefore there is no need to leverage the notes, or use additional debt in order to acquire the note. 
As part of our due diligence, we consider factors such as unemployment, inflation, and surrounding property values to evaluate if borrowers can continue to make their payments, and the value of the home, if in the worst case, we need to foreclose and sell the home. Taking into consideration these factors allows us to fine tune which notes we chose to purchase for our portfolio. Every Fall (including next month) we have inspectors go to every property in the portfolio. We get “eyes on the property” and if we notice something, if it needs repair, we reach out to a third party licensed servicer to have the property fixed or to contact the borrowers. This gives you an idea of the kind of individual attention we give to the challenges of each note. 
One example of a borrower who we were able to put on track was a woman who filed chapter 7 bankruptcy due to medical bills. She had not reaffirmed the debt from her mortgage with her lender and hadn’t been contacted for seven years to reaffirm or make payments. Since 7e acquired the mortgage note two years ago, she has not missed any payments. You can hear her story at minute 40 of our latest webinar
Keeping people in their homes is not charity, it is good business, good for families, and good for communities.
As an investor, you are investing in our entire portfolio of mortgage notes, and our experience is in 42 states across the U.S. We do this so your money is not dependent on the health of one property or the economy of any one location. 
We work to distribute an 8% annualized return, paid monthly as dividends, and so far we have been able to meet our goals. It is possible to earn more than 8% with bonus shares!
By earning 8% on both your initial investment and the bonus shares (starting at the $25,000 level or higher), these additional shares have the potential to boost your dividend income to over 10%.
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