It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to help a family in need!

What do you look forward to during your holiday season? Reuniting with family, gift-giving, a time to reflect on your year surrounded by your loved ones. However, for many Americans, the holiday season is not such a relaxing time. It can be a time of heightened stress, wondering how they will make their next mortgage payment and fearing being evicted from their homes during the coldest time of year. 
An investment in 7e can be part of helping to make it a more relaxing, and rejuvenating holiday season for some struggling families.
Overall, our goal (also known as our double-bottom line) is to keep families in their homes while delivering 8% annualized (distributed monthly) return to our investors. Always, our goal when purchasing an under- to non-performing mortgage note is to identify the reason why the borrower has fallen behind or has stopped their payments. Maybe they had medical expenses, a death in the family, or lost their job. Some of these obstacles can be overcome. To get them back on track, by purchasing their mortgage note at a steep discount (typically 40-50%), we can often lower their monthly payments to a level they can manage. 
The goal, the double-bottom line, needs to be advantageous to everyone. Thus far, we have had no foreclosures of any of the properties securing the mortgage notes we purchase, and we have never missed a monthly distribution to our investors. 
During the winter months, 7e works slower, to give borrowers more leeway to get back on track. During Thanksgiving to New Years we do not start any new legal actions on borrowers. We remind investors the mortgage notes we purchase are typically years (not months) behind, and our first option is to work out a payment plan with the borrowers. Only when the borrower is unresponsive or hostile do we continue with further legal action.
To learn how our process is repeatable and scalable, view our latest webinar. To quote our founder Chris Seveney, “we define repeatable and scalable as having a team who is well versed in the industry and has created systems and processes which allow us to review each asset and work with each borrower on an asset by asset basis while growing the company through the acquisition of additional note purchases.”
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Here you can read our SEC-qualified offering circular. 
Click here to watch our webinar on case studies, where we discuss two examples of cases where we helped borrowers, who had undergone a temporary hardship, get back on track with renegotiated terms that are beneficial to both them and our investors.
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