It may be time to look into 7e and mortgage note investing! 

Real estate is often considered a viable alternative to traditional investments such as publicly-traded stocks and bonds, especially when monthly income becomes more important to investors as we age.
Real estate investments can generate recurring cash flow for investors but at what risk? Real assets, or in our case a portfolio or mortgage notes backed by borrower’s homes, typically do not fluctuate with the ups and downs of the stock market. With the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates to fight inflation, investors are more cautious about placing their money into equity markets, risking their original investment every 100th of a second. 
Our sector of real-estate investing, mortgage notes, is one alternative to traditional investments that we believe has the potential to deliver high-yield returns, higher than most bonds and ETFs commonly sought after for monthly income: 

Our targeted, preferred rate is 8% annualized, distributed monthly to our investors. If you invest now, you may be eligible for bonus shares of up to 7% of your original investment, adding to your monthly returns. To date, we have had remarkable success meeting our goals! 
We help people in what is a real moment of need–a double bottom line.
Many homeowners have fallen behind on their mortgages or have simply stopped paying. We analyze each mortgage note individually to determine the probability of the homeowner getting back on track. A huge advantage to both sides is that we typically buy these non-performing mortgage notes at a 40-50% discount. This allows us to offer more reasonable terms to the homeowner while achieving higher returns, offering a second chance to families that we believe will get back on track.
To learn more about what mortgage note investing is, and how 7e investments can bring you multiple bottom lines, we invite you to our FREE webinar Tuesday, September 20th at 12PM EST / 9AM PST for a discussion with Chris Seveney (our President and founder) and Lauren Wells (our Vice President) on our approach to this niche portion of real estate investing. 
If you are ready to invest, or simply want to learn more prior to the webinar, please visit our offering page. Here you can also read our SEC-qualified offering circular