Is anyone enjoying this year’s stock market?

While stocks fluctuate every hundredth of a second (bond ETFs as well) and individual bond prices sell at what the market will bear, it may be time to align the income portion of your investments with 7e.
Since launching this offering, 7e Investments, has had no foreclosures and never missed a monthly distribution. While current success is no guarantee of future success, we believe it points to the success of our investment process, which includes a high level of due diligence for every mortgage note we purchase. 
When you make an investment in the stock market, stock prices fluctuate every few seconds to reflect the last purchase or sale of that stock. Therefore changes in inflation, employment, foreign politics, and other macroeconomic factors can have a major impact on the yield you receive from your investments. Similarly, bond ETF share prices fluctuate based on supply and demand and are dependent on long-term interest rates. As interest rates rise, the prices of older bonds must drop to stay competitive. The further out it takes for a bond to mature (i.e., five years vs. ten years), the more risk they carry to being sensitive to interest rate hikes. 
How About Two Bottom Lines!
Our goal is to help struggling homeowners, and we do. We purchase select non-performing mortgage notes. We use the word “select” to underscore that we do not purchase mortgage notes in bulk like most funds. By contrast, we examine every note, homeowner, property, and home, creating a 3-D view of the situation.  Did they simply stumble, or do they have a history of walking away from obligations?
We purchase the notes at steep discounts placing 7e in a position to renegotiate easier payment terms with the borrower. They can avoid eviction if they can get back on track, own their home, retain their down payment as equity in the home, and create long-term wealth.
It is not just our process, it is our Philosophy that works
With 7e Investments, your investment results are not directly tied to interest rate hikes or reductions, or even property value fluctuations. The determining factor in receiving your monthly distribution is the ability of borrowers to pay their mortgages at more reasonable and renegotiated rates. 
With owner-occupied mortgages across the U.S. valued at over $16 trillion dollars, the massive size of this market leaves 7e, with our niche focus, with a great deal of flexibility in deciding which mortgage notes to add to our portfolio and which to avoid. Investing in troubled loans is hard work. Every loan you purchase requires extensive due diligence, direct contact with the borrower, and a full inspection of the property. Few companies have the patience and know-how to do it. 
7e is not like most other real estate investments in that our individual due diligence, working directly with borrowers, is essential to our double bottom lines, not stock or bond market prices. 
If you are ready to invest or simply want to learn more, please visit our offering page. For prospective investors who want to invest aided by one of our California-based team members, click here to schedule a time.
Here you can read our SEC-qualified offering circular. 
Click here to watch a recent webinar, where we discuss two specific case studies where we helped borrowers, who had undergone a temporary hardship, get back on track with renegotiated terms that are beneficial to both them and our investors.
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